12 Top Hair Removal Mistakes That We Must Avoid

Even with umpteen options available to us, hair removal is not one of the kindest processes we undergo on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Sometimes, we don’t know right from wrong and sometimes it’s just time to change the method. Here are the top hair removal mistakes that we must avoid:

Hair Removal Mistakes

1. Over plucking eyebrows:  There was a time (I think it was around 2008) that having eyebrows that looked like a pencil line was a huge trend. People with furry eyebrows were cursing themselves for having caterpillars above their eyes. Be it threading at the parlor or using a pair of tweezers, going too thin has 2 cons. One, it can result in hair being removed in a wrong shape because you are trying to go too thin and two, repeated removals can damage your follicles so much that they may never grow back again. Yikes! Think about it. Now, around 7 years later, thick eyebrows are in and don’t you regret the over plucking?

Top Hair Removal Mistakes That We Must Avoid

2. Not Exfoliating:  Exfoliation helps in 3 ways. One, it gives better access to the hair during your hair removal because all the dirt and dead skin have been removed. Two, the chances of ingrown hair is reduced because the pathway is clear. Three, chances of infection are reduced because you have removed all the grime and dead skin. Make sure you exfoliate often and not just before the hair removal to prevent ingrown hair.

Top Hair Removal Mistakes That We Must Avoid

3. Not Using Shaving Cream: Shaving cream is specifically designed to hydrate your skin and to provide protection while shaving. Soap is designed to remove dirt from your skin. If you ever run out of shaving cream, use a nourishing conditioner instead.

4. Shaving dry skin:  Shaving dry skin is a sure shot ticket to cuts and wounds, razor burns and ingrown hair. Dry shaving irritates the skin leaving it red and itchy. My face cringes even at the thought of razor gliding over my dry skin *ouch*

5. Shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth:  Shaving against the growth will definitely give you ingrown hairs (ingrowns are caused when the hair’s natural path is interrupted), razor burns and bumps.

6. Not rinsing the razor between strokes:  A hair clogged razor is not sharp. Make sure to rinse your blade in running water after every stroke, to ensure closer and even shave.

7. Using an old razor:  Laziness or forgetfulness to buy a new razor can make us use a razor that’s dead for far too long. Using rusty or worn out blades is sure to give you irritated skin and ingrown hairs in addition to a not-so-smooth unclose shave. Also, bacteria collects on razors over time.

8. Not holding the skin taut while waxing or epilating:  If you stretch the skin, you give better coverage to the wax, decrease the number of ingrown hairs & reduce the pain a little.

Top Hair Removal Mistakes That We Must Avoid

9. Bad in-home waxing technique:  Home waxing sure does save you time and money, but waxing requires skill. More often than not, waxing at home causes hair that is ripped off middle length instead of from its roots, bruised skin and ingrown hair.

10. Leaving depilatory creams on for too long:  No, they are not going to liquefy your hair any deeper if you keep them on and on. All you get are burns and stings due to chemical reaction.

Top Hair Removal Mistakes That We Must Avoid

11. Epilating when your hair is too long:  Those scary machines are good if properly used. The trick is not to do it when the hair is too long. If it’s too long, use a trimmer first. Otherwise…*quivers with fear*

12. Waxing/epilating during your periods:  Your tolerance level for pain is at its all-time low during your periods. Plus along with the cramps & back aches you don’t want another monster.

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4 thoughts on “12 Top Hair Removal Mistakes That We Must Avoid

  1. You know in life, one thing I wanna try is epilator usage! I wax but still to invest in an epilator
    very nice points, will keep them in mind
    Haha I overpluck the brows and now they won’t grow lol and then i need to fill them up, viscous cycle

  2. I didnt mess with my eyebrows but this lady at the parlour did, with mine! :/ Hate her for this and some part of it just wont grow back now even though I have fuller brows. Good tips, will make sure my skin is held tight before they pull the wax strip. I always wax or epilate and never go for shave or creams.

  3. I have a question….what is the correct way of epilating hair? Got lot of ingrowns coz of waxing though i always get it done from the parlour.

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