Top Stylish Clutch Purses You Must Have

Top Stylish Clutch Purses You Must Have

A clutch purse is an elegant accessory that completes as well as complements your dress code and instills a level of confidence in you, no matter what you wear. Available in thousands of exquisite shapes, graceful designs, gorgeous colors and stylish varieties, clutch purses are perhaps the best accomplice that you can think of pairing with your sarees, skirts, salwar suits, jeans or any outfit you love to wear! Whether you want them in vibrant shades or softer ones, with embellishments or in simple classic design, in velvety fabric or stark leather, there is one to cater to the preference of everyone.

Top Stylish Clutch Purses You Must Have

The problem of choice!

But when you decide to invest in a fashionable clutch bag, there comes in a huge confusion regarding which one to opt for. With the money in your hand and the endless choice on the shelves, it is so difficult to decide on a clutch bag since your heart craves for them all!

Frankly speaking, I do not think it is possible to buy one single clutch purse because there is always a scope of getting something better than the one you choose! Well, such a crisis is nothing new, since every woman faces the same problematic situation when she plans to invest in a saree, a lip color, a nail polish or a pair of shoes that she loves so well! That is why, an effort has been made to narrow down your choice to the top eight types of clutch purses you might like to have to complete your hand bag collection!

Top Clutch Purses You Should Have!

• Fabric Clutch Purses:

They are very simple but very chic. They come in a range of pretty colors and are perfect for carrying some cash (or your debit and credit cards) while you go to the local shops to get your daily necessities or pay a visit to the fruits or vegetable market. Make these soft purses with aplic designs and stitched embroideries your regular companion to the supermarkets.


• Clutch Purses with Floral Prints:


Clutch purses come in floral prints and indeed, they are filled with feminine grace. Though you get them in an array of colors, a white clutch with floral prints is perhaps the loveliest piece to possess!

• Satin Clutch Purse:


Now, this can be really elegant and being the charming lady that you are, your wardrobe essentials are incomplete without this lovely clutch with satin smooth texture and glossy shade. Get them in colors red, purple, blue or green and match it with your evening dress; I am sure your fiancé would fall in love with your lady-like charm all over again!

• Leather Clutch Purse:


While falling in love with the shiny finish and lovely hues, you can never ignore your office and the formal meetings you have to attend, can you? Get a leather clutch in brown or black and you are ready for every corporate conference that needs your presence.

• Beaded Clutch Purse:


These purses are embellished with sparkling beads and radiant sequins of different colors. Owning them would make you feel royal and you can pair them with every lovely outfit for every happy occasion! Whether you are going to watch a movie with your husband or you are attending the engagement of your best friend, this purse is just perfect!

• Silver Clutch Purse:


This purse comes in silver shades with silver sequins and white stones. If your dress has borders and embroideries in silver and your ornaments are of silvery glaze, this is the clutch you need. The best part is that, this clutch is going to serve for many a garment and occasion, irrespective of color and creed. They look stunning and are perfect accessories for wedding parties!

• Golden Clutch Purse:


This one, like the silver clutch bag, is going to serve the purpose for occasions and dresses more than one! If gold is the order of the day, nothing can be better than a golden clutch purse! The adornment is made with golden laces, stones, threads and beads. They are drop-down gorgeous and perfect for marriage functions and other get to-gathers!

• Embroidered Clutch Purse:


Last, but definitely, not the least in importance, is the embroidered clutch purse. These bags are akin to the silver and golden clutch bags, but the only differentiating fact is that they come in a variety of colors. So, match it with your dress and be the center of attention in the function you attend!

Now, that you know about the clutch bags that you need so badly, I am sure you are not going to lose any time; start stocking them so that you leave no stone unturned to make your clutch purse collection the best!

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39 thoughts on “Top Stylish Clutch Purses You Must Have

    1. i have a golden, a silver and an embroidered one!!! 🙂 i want a satin one!!!!!!!!!!and the one in the first pic is my favorite!!!!! 🙂

  1. I’m planning on getting a gold embellished clutch, exactly like the one in the pic. Also have plans for a red silk clutch. I like the clutches in fabindia. Great post!! :waytogo:

        1. apt u r!!! imagine wearing a satin evening dress, a pair of red stilettos and then this clutch!! OMG!!! :happydance:

  2. I have golden and silver embellished ones that go with almost all my sarees…..loved the purple one! :woot: :woot: :woot:

    1. yes Amy! u r right!! and dats why they r like must haves! i too have them both and i can pair them with every saree and suit! :cheers:

  3. I have an embroided 1 which i bought for my marriage n 1 leather cluth .. its quite official types.. both r luvly n useful :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: dont find a need to buy more 😐

    1. hehe…we gurls dont need necessities to buy such exquisite things like clutches and shoes …we need an excuse Nids 😛 😛

      1. u r absolutely rght somreeta 😉 😉 .. i badly want a golden cluth now… i was getting 1 at such cheap rates still didnt buy .. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

  4. I have a beige clutch which was gifted and a black clutch with some velvet work, they are sooo cute :love: I liked the first pic you have posted

  5. Somreeta……it’s such a lovely post….I have so many clutches, but never seem to have enough…I want the first one with roses…it’s too gorgeous :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  6. Ooh yummy! I have a beaded and gold one.. I guess I look more at colours so that I can co-ordinate with outfits… I have a black, a brown, a gold and a white. Don’t like my gold clutch that much! I like the roses one too, but in a different colour perhaps.

  7. love the fabric ones. should buy those though i am not very feminine kinds. I mean i love huge bags and will always prefer those to the small ones. I have the golden and one similar to the embroidered one..

    1. basically,….the fabric ones r cute!!! hai na !!!! i also loooooove huge bags where i can carry everything with ease! :toothygrin:

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