Top Ten Bollywood Actresses with Smoky Eye Makeup

Top Ten Bollywood Actresses with Smoky Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes, we hear so much about it, and most of us want to achieve this look, in our own personal way. We often draw inspiration from our Bollywood divas, most of them carry their smokey eyes with such finesse and while I was researching the topic, I saw each diva has her own way with the smokey eyes, each one pretty, but a few of hem have literally “patented” the smokey eye 😛 I mean actresses like Rani an Chitragada more often than not are spotted in immaculate smokey eyes, not necessarily very hot but at the same time really wearable, it is something like kohl to many of us. Lets see my top ten actresses who wear the smokey eyes with oomph!

priyanka chopra smokey eyes 1 (2)

I have to start with Rani Mukerjee whom I fell for in the movie chalte chalte where she sported the smokey eye in the entire movie, I really think she got it started from then on, and there is no looking back, love her in the movie..

rani mukerjee 2

rani mukerjee

This next lady has been talked about for her smokey eyes, I have seen her often combine the smoky eye with the red lip, considering it bold, you need not go nude on the lips always when it comes to the smoky eye. what do you think?

Chitragada smokey eyes (2)

Chitragada smokey eyes (1)

Bipasaha basu, being a bong siren, we know how she loves her smokey eye, I think she does full justice to the same, though she might not be known for her roles much, I still think she is a super hard working fitness freak, I love her.

Bipasha-Basu smokey eyes 2 (2)

Bipasha-Basu smokey eyes 2

Kareena Kapoor, I have to say her makeup has evolved a lot over the years, she has moved on from her bronzed skin to her natural porcelain skin, and we all know how much she loves her kohl, in these pics, it went a little bold but nicely paired with a nude lip. I know a lot of my friends who consider her their idol!

kareena smoky eyes

kareena eyes

Aishwarya Rai, I know how much flak she has taken for her giggles, boyfriends and weight, but I personally love her, she is my most fav bollywood diva, and she has made it bigger than anyone else on the international platform, I particularly love this smokey eyes artist Mickey contractor gave her for a fashion show,and another softer one at the Cannes, how do you like it?

aishwarya smokey eyes (3)

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan arrives on the red carpet for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards held at the Kodak Theatre on February 27, 2011 in Hollywood, California. AFP PHOTO / ROBYN BECK (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Anushka Sharma, she literally surprised us with the Indian Diva look she carried here, I have to say very off beat but pretty, I have never seen her with this look the second one for Vogue too

anushka sharma eyes


Deepika padukone, I always remember her for her perfect eyebrows and winged eyeliner, but she does carry the soft smokey eyes well. I have to say I envy her eyebrows more than the eyes 😛

deepika padukone smokey eyes (2)

deepika padukone smokey eyes (1)

Sonakshi sinha, now known for her role in Lootera,where she flaunted the minimal makeup and kohl eyes look, I remember her gorgeous eyes from the Dabang movie as well, she has the perfect big eyes for smokey black look..I read somewhere she says she wasted a lot of years being overweight but dont we just love her the way she is..

sonakshi eyemakeup (1)

screesonakshi sinha

Sonam Kapoor, the diva known for her fashion style more than anything else, not really my personal favorite and she says she has the most terrible dark circles ever, but here she carries the smokey eyes very well with a nude lip gloss.

sonam kapoor smoky eyes (4)

sonam kapoor smoky eyes (2)

Priyanks Chopra, her makeup has evolved so much over the years, and there might be a little nose job involved there but still she does the smokey eye and matte lip look perfectly, check this one from her album ..

priyanka chopra smokey eyes 1 (2)
priyanka chopra 2

I am sure you have your personal favorites too, these are just my picks where I think some looks were out and out smokey eyes like the Ash one which I would really love to try someday, but like they say, smokey eye makeup is an art, 😛 most of us are happy with our everyday kohl for the soft smokey eyes look. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Top Ten Bollywood Actresses with Smoky Eye Makeup

  1. oh my… how i love Chitrangda….. *whistle* *whistle* she is just too hot… *powder*
    n mujhe smokey eye create karna pata nai kab ayega… *cry*

      1. 😛 😛 Apeksha and Rati di… yeahh I’ll practice more… n one day i’ll do an eye makeup tutorial for Imbb… *preen*

  2. absolutely looved the post neha. I think mickey contractor changed the way Rani mukherjee looked after chalte chalte. And i soo loved anushka’s smokey eyes. I think you picked up really nice pics of her. :))

  3. There are people who look down with disdain on those who can flaunt makeup perfectly , and I say , be who you want to be. Dont give a darn. I love smokey eyes – kohl is something , I cannot part with 😛 I think , Chitrangada and Kareena were born to rock the smokey eyes look – it`s a great compilation *happydance*

  4. Awesome post Neha…….I lovvvvvvvvve Rani Mukherjee’s and Kareena Kapoo’r smokey eyes the best…..good job *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho*

  5. Loved Chitrangda’s look!!
    She carries off everything with grace..

    Very nice compilation..
    Me feels like pick up the palette and start doing smoky eyes right now..

  6. Here everybody has colored eyes. I have black and not been able to get a good smokey eye. What colors to use to get to good effect on black eyes?

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