Top Tips From Models on How to be Graceful and Elegant

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It is quite annoying, when you do not get the time for what you actually love to do. Never mind! Before moving on to our today’s post, I will ask you a question. What do you think about elegance? What does it mean to you and how it may affect your personality and impression in front of others? Well, everyone would have numerous opinions about this. But some specific elegance tactics are there, which are taught to models for enhancing their persona. These tips results into a stunning impact and would surely leave your competitors astonished. Have a look below.

Elegance Tips To Be Learnt From Models

Walk to Amaze:

Elegance Tips To Be Learnt From Models 2

This is the most common thing noticed in models. A model is not supposed to always walk like she is on the ramp. There is one simple rule to make your walking graceful. Do not let your feet come parallel to each other and imagine you are walking on a line (visualize a thick line, because you are not learning rope walking). Firstly, keep a foot on that virtual line and then another foot as your next step. Thus, it will draw a manner of walking and after some practice, you will achieve a model like walk.

Getting Up and Down On Stairs:

Elegance Tips To Be Learnt From Models 3

You do not need to create any pattern of waling or moving on stairs. All you need to do is to avoid the mistakes, which we usually make while ascending and descending stairs. Do not throw the whole foot suddenly on the stair and do not miss it too. Another thing is to look straight, while you are on the stairs because most of the time, we see our feet during ascending and descending stairs. You just move calmly with chin up and do not look at your feet again and again.

Behave At The Table:

Elegance Tips To Be Learnt From Models 4

I know, I do not need to teach you manners at dining table but sometimes, it is quite awkward to be frank at a dinner table. No matter how informal meeting it is, if you want to maintain your sophisticated face, then you will have to follow this. Do not keep your elbows on the table and keep quite while you are eating. You can speak after finishing, what you have in your mouth.

Getting In And Out Of The Car:

Elegance Tips To Be Learnt From Models 5

When you enter in the car to sit, keep your face towards the gate from which you are entering. While getting into the car, swing your legs after being seated. When you have to get out of the car, simply keep one foot on the ground from the open door and then another foot. This may sound a not-so-good trick, but it will definitely prevent any oops moment.

Taking Care Of Public Image:

Elegance Tips To Be Learnt From Models 6

Party time has now become a crucial part of our weekends, but it does not mean to forget about your own reputation. Although, you are not a celeb, who should be afraid of their public image but you belong to the society. Unwillingly, a casual picture taken by a close friend during a wild party bash might create trouble, you never know.

Be Nice And Grateful:

Elegance Tips To Be Learnt From Models 07

It is really good to be obliged and grateful to the people who helped you once. For example, suppose you borrowed a dress or jewelry from a friend. After using it, return it with a thanking note or do something else to show courtesy. Always return the borrowed clothing dry-cleaned.

Expensive outfits and lavish accessories are not the keys to look fabulous. All you need is to bear the right attitude.

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  1. I really need to learn a lot from models to add grace to my looks. Very well said that only expensive clothes etc cannot add charm to one’s personality. I always come out of the cars like that; courtesy : Bollywood! Very useful tips. Keep writing more Shivani, missed you! 🙂

  2. brilliant post shivani. that car tip is super crucial! and even the walking down stairs tip. we are so inclined to looking down that i think the whole grace part goes in the dump.. hihih loved all the tips. 🙂

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