Toppik Hair Building Fibers – Dark Brown Review

I would have continued living my life without knowing that such a product exists, but since my online shopping extravaganza, at an online store, made me eligible to receive this as a deluxe sample, I became acquainted with it. If you aren’t aware, hair building fibers are a temporary solution to solve the issue of bald areas on the head. Now, since my family and I have no baldness issues Alhamdullilah, this wasn’t the most ideal product I was expecting to receive as a gift. However, I decided to introduce and review it for those readers who might have been searching information about such products 🙂

Toppik Hair Building Fibers - Dark Brown

Product Claims:

Made of natural, colored Keratin protein that is statically charged, TOPPIK Fibers intertwine with your existing hair for a completely natural look. TOPPIK resists wind, rain, and perspiration but removes easily with shampoo. It comes in shades Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Medium Blonde, Light Blonde, Auburn, Grey and White.

Suggested Use:

Dry and style hair as usual. Shake or spray into thinning area. Gently pat hair to disperse fibers.

Price and Quantity:

$6.95 for 3 gm.

My Experience with Toppik Hair Building Fibers – Dark Brown:

The product comes in a dark, plastic bottle with lots of tiny holes at the top. The product can be dispensed by tilting and gently tapping the container. Each fiber is thin and delicate, which mimics the color that you choose to buy. To try it out, I simply parted my hair and used it on that partition line. A couple of taps later, the area completely disappeared.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers - Dark Brown

I mean it obviously looks unnatural to have a non-existing parting line, but you can definitely get an idea that this would work tremendously for bald patches. It doesn’t look out of place in person and on camera either. I think this would be a great savior for those looking to have a fuller head on special occasion like weddings etc. It doesn’t come off either, almost as if it is glued onto the scalp. However, with a single wash with shampoo, this comes off easily.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers - Dark Brown

Using it is a matter of personal preference though. I mean, if one is comfortable and has no qualms about bald issues, then more power to them. Otherwise, I think this is a great temporary option as well. It’s all about what makes you feel confident! I can’t really spot a con with this, except that it is much easily available online than in stores.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers - Dark Brown

Pros of Toppik Hair Building Fibers – Dark Brown:

  • Instantly makes the hair appear fuller.
  • Stays put for the entire duration of wear, unless you dust it off with intent.
  • Comes off easily with a single wash.
  • Comes in good number of shades.
  • Comes in different sizes.

Cons of Toppik Hair Building Fibers – Dark Brown:

  • Availability.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Toppik Hair Building Fibers – Dark Brown?

I wouldn’t buy this but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a similar solution.

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10 thoughts on “Toppik Hair Building Fibers – Dark Brown Review

  1. Oh I could have used this when I had hair problems during the height of my PCOS (not embarrassed to admit it at all apparently :P) ! Great review Umaimah.. Please continue to review unusual products 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked it Ramya :D! I’m also glad that you don’t feel embarrassed about it since scores of women are suffering from PCOS, who find it hard to come in terms with all that comes along with it! Seriously, a lot more awareness is needed on that issue and kudos to you girl 😀

  2. Ohhh I had seen Youtube videos showing the demo of this product, but back then I thought it’s fake! :p Hehe! Unique product! 🙂

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