Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil Review

Skin Type:  Face – dry combination, sensitive and acne prone.
Body – super dry.
Hair: oily scalp, dry hair. Fine, medium length hair.

Hello lovely ladies,

I have Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil for you all. I have been to Trader Joe’s so many times, but never paid attention to their beauty aisle. Uggh!!! I should have done this earlier, but the last time that I went there, I picked two oils from there – 100% pure Jojoba oil and Vitamin E oil.  For those who are unaware, Trader Joe’s is a chain of specialty grocery stores in the US and they have their own line of products as well.
Trader Joe's Spa Pure Jojoba Oil

Product Description:
Trader Joe’s 100% pure Jojoba oil is a pure and natural plant extract that will penetrate and moisturize your skin without leaving any oily residue.  It has multiple applications. Use it for hair, skin and scalp. This luxurious oil can be used to remove makeup and cleanse clogged pores, leaving the skin clean. It softens your hands and feet. It’s specially good for moisturizing the scalp and to prevent dry skin and flakiness. It can be used as a leave-in hair treatment or as an after-shave moisturizer.

USD 7 .99 for 4 fl oz/118 ml.

My Experience with Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil:

Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil comes in a flat, transparent plastic bottle which has a flip top cap. It has a small opening to dispense the oil, but I am not fond of this packaging. It does dispense oil easily, but not neatly, and the oil drips, and you will soon find the cap and bottle covered in oil. They should have instead packed it in the same way as their Vitamin E oil.
Details at the back

The oil has a consistency similar to other vegetable oils. It is golden yellow in color and has slightly nutty smell. It applies so well, gets absorbed easily and there is no greasy, oily layer left on the skin. I massage it a little bit and it sinks in my skin.
Jojoba oil packaging

I have been using it mostly on my body and this has given me amazing results. I mix a little bit of it with my body lotion/cream and it has worked wonders on my skin. My skin is super dry and I cannot let go of moisturizer even for a single day. If I do so, my skin becomes so stretchy and behaves like snake-skin (No, literally, it develops scales all over! ). 🙁 I have been using Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil for almost 3 weeks now and it has transformed my skin. A couple of days back, I had to rush somewhere and was so short of time that I skipped applying moisturizer after the shower promising myself that I would do so as soon as I come back home, but I could not and surprisingly, my skin was well behaved which is really a great thing. I am so impressed!

I have used it to remove my makeup and it does that so well. It removes every trace of makeup and is so gentle on my skin. It did not break me out and this oil is good for girls with sensitive skin also.
Cap open

I mix this jojoba oil with Trader Joe’s Vitamin E oil and massage on my scalp and I have seen difference in my hair fall and my hair too, though it is not a great leave-in hair treatment for me.  I have tried using a couple of drops on my damp hair, but they don’t seem to be enough and using more weighed my hair down. But it would work well on dry, curly, frizzy hair.

It is a great cuticle repair oil too, has softened all the dry areas of my body, and acts as a great overnight treatment for my dry hands.
Jojoba oil swatch

Overall, this oil has reserved a permanent place for itself in my skin care routine and my stash. I am already keeping a back up, I would recommend it for sure.

Pros of Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil:

  • Not pricey.
  • Multipurpose product.
  • Can be used from head to toe, literally.
  • Just a couple of drops are needed per use.
  • Did not break me out.
  • My skin is more moisturized and plump.
  • Can be used on razor burns.
  • Can be used as a cuticle oil.

Cons of Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil:

  • The packaging is no good.
  • Available only at Trader Joe’s locations.

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