Traditional Indian Jewellery

Traditional Indian Jewellery

Hi All, It’s freezing in Mumbai and it’s my last working day in office with the 9 to 6 timings, from Monday it’s going to be 8 to 5, whew, me so happy.

Quickly, I will start with the second installment of Indian jewellery.

Traditional Indian Jewellery

After I read my previous post on this topic to my mom, she was surprised to know that there was a particular reason for wearing each and every jewellery piece. This time to cover all the pieces, I have tried to keep the descriptions as short as possible.

Hair Style (Keshapasharachna):


Arranging the hair in three strands is considered the most auspicious. According to mythology, these three strands of a woman’s plait are intended to symbolize the confluence of India’s three most venerated rivers – the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the Saraswati – or the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Yet another legend states that one strand represents the father’s house, one the in-laws’, and the third is the woman herself who unites the two. Oiled, combed and plaited, the hair is adorned with garlands of jasmine buds that bloom in the hair, radiating their heady perfume in a mesmeric spell of seduction.

Arsi (Thumb Ring with Mirror):

brides arsi ring

This special ring with a round format has set in its center a small, usually round but sometimes heart-shaped mirror.  Among all the rings worn on the hand, the arsi occupies a special place in a woman’s heart, not only because of its impressive size, but because of the function it performs. With the mirror set into it, the young maiden wearing it (most often a bride), can look and check, by just turning the thumb, if all that was adorning her head, or her hair, was in place.

Kamarband (Waist Band):


A graceful extension of the girdle, which serves a dual purpose.  It restrains the lower garment in place and is yet another embellishment to the feminine form. The waist ornament is always made up in a manner so as to conveniently hold a bunch of keys. These signify the keys to a fresh bride’s new home, and her assumption of a new position of authority, in a domain where her writ runs large.

Anklet (Payal) and Toe Rings:


The feet of a nayika, worthy of a lover’s affection, are abundantly adorned with anklets. It was in this context that Indian painting, drama, and poetry referred to men treasuring the touch of the foot of their beloved, and women lavishing great cosmetic attention to their feet and adorning them with as much care as they would take to beautify their face (reminds me how recklessly I ignore my foot care regime).  The tender foot then becomes the symbol of affection and sensual desire, and plays an effective role in love-play.  Finally, on the feet are worn toe rings.  Often, these may be attached to the payal itself, with chains linking them.

The Bridal Dress:

ritu kumar

How can I miss this one, the once in a lifetime chance to swipe my brother’s credit card without even looking at the amount it’s been swiped for and still not have any fight at home for doing so. The bridal dress has a quasi-sacred status. It is nearly always of a deep red color.  Red is considered auspicious because it has several emotional, sexual and fertility-related qualities, making it a suitable color for brides.  Further highlighting its importance is the weighty, embroidery, embellished with various motifs and metaphors all emphasizing the fertility symbolism and vegetative associations, linked to creation and growth.

Sometimes, minutely ornamented all over, the view of a new, bedecked bride draped in this garment, colored the color of passion, is a breathtaking one.

The bridal garment is without exception extremely rich in all aspects, reiterating the significance of this momentous event in the life of an individual.

So, now I don’t argue with my mom for keeping all my accessories in place, although it’s a different thing that now it’s my mother-in-law who has to take charge to remind me of these if at all I forget anything. It was two months back that I broke my toe ring and hasn’t worn one since then, thankfully she hasn’t noticed yet and I hope she doesn’t until I buy a new one (which am being very reluctant to do).

Hope all you like my last post for this year,

Happy New Year, take care and keep feeling beautiful.

Thanks, Archie!

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    1. that was really interesting info. wasnt aware. I was told a long time ago by someone that women had to wear jewelry cos it was some type of slavery- you know the bangles, necklace, payal etc all kind of a bondage type thing..very wierd..wonder whoever thought of that. ?:)

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  3. gr88 article. i’m definitely gonna try Diya mirza’s look (6th swatch) in my wedding after all m going to marry with a Muslim guy yaar. We will marry in both tradition. Being a Hindu brahmin kanya i will also try Hindu bridal look. Gr88 na??

    1. Nupuuurrizzz…she is a south Indian actress, basically a married sometime last week….Mamta Mohandas….

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