Traditional Saree Magic

Traditional Saree Magic

Hi all!

I was so thrilled to have got such an amazing experience for my first OOTD post on IMBB. I am truly blessed to have come across such a prompt and encouraging team of people.  It was a stroke of virtual luck that I came across IMBB while I was randomly searching for a smoky eye tutorial and I am in love ever since!

I am writing this post about my passion for all that is old and traditional. I am talking about textiles and jewellery of India or even of the world.  Just recently I had gone out searching for a saree to gift to my Bhaabhi for her “godhbharahai.” I am in Delhi currently, visiting my in laws. I am originally from Maharashtra. I searched high and low and was shown one net saree after another, with slight variation of bling factor. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my share of chiffons and georgettes, its just that, coming from a family where traditional textiles are coveted, I am particularly partial towards them; something I can pass down to my daughter or daughter in law. Something that has a story, labour of love and a very understated grandeur. I have a saree that cannot be replicated as the last weaver who knew the art of making it is no more.

I am attaching three photos of sarees I wore at some point of my life.



This 9-yard paithani saree I wore for my brother’s wedding and is one of my favourites of the three paithanis I own. I wore it in the traditional Nauwari style with traditional Marathi jewellery. The art of weaving Paithani saree is more than 2000 years old. Its still handwoven in the cities of Paithan and Yevla in Maharashtra. Paithanis are made from fine silk and tissue material. A more summer-friendly silk cotton version of paithani is now available.


Uppada Saree

Now, this one is the saree I wore for my wedding. It is one of the most coveted sarees in the circle of traditional saree connoisseurs.  That’s my wedding photo! These sarees are manufactured in Andhra Pradesh.

Tissue Kota:

Tissue Kota Saree

Last but not the least is one of my most favourite sarees in my collection, a pink tissue kota saree that I have paired with uncut diamond set and a nose ring that I found at my family jeweller’s shop. Apparently, some old lady wanted to sell it. Its more than 100 years old!

I hope you have liked what I have written so far and if you like this, do let me know if you want to know more about the traditional sarees and jewellery of India. I would love to write some more detailed posts on this topic.

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64 thoughts on “Traditional Saree Magic

  1. o love uppada Saee…u look gorgeous…and i love that eye makeup…i think you should do tutorial article for that 🙂 *jai ho*

  2. tissue kota is gorgeous *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* … You know saree is my favourite outfit *haan ji* … I feel very comfortable in saree *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* … you look lovely in upada silk *puchhi* …

  3. Oh simply Gorgeous!! Liked all the Sarees, but the Uppada one is just awesome 🙂 Wish there was a full length snap. And loved loved loved the ‘nath’! Nice make up too.

  4. Hello saee… *woot*
    First of all you look lovely in each of the pic.. I am a lover of paithani saree…I am from Kolhapur Maharashtra *happydance* but right now I am working in Switzerland..
    I sooo soooo loved the first pic… full Maharashtrian look (kashta / nauvari saree)…. *clap*
    I have bought my traditional saree here but never wore them but after looking at this post I am so tempted that I am soon going to wear them.. *drool* once again U look lovely… 🙂

  5. Saee…..loved your sarees. My mom is a huge fan of Uppada and Chettinad sarees, in fact, all she gets now are Uppada and cotton sarees 🙂

  6. *whistle* u r looking royal in the last pic saee and ur wedding pic is just so gorgeous… please do a post on how to purchase silk sarees and what are its types as i have none and want to add it to my collection since long… *drool*

  7. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your comments! You guys just made my day. @Pallavi- will soon upload full length photos of my wedding saree. @Manisha So good to see a Kolhapur native! I’m actually heartbroken to see the Chinese Paithani and banarasi sarees flooding the markets. When will people start appreciating the value of handmade wonders?

    1. Saee: I totally agree with you.. its mainly because of cost and demand.. Traditional ones take time and labour and hence are very expensive.. more over these chinese ones are cheap and as u said people have stopped valuing the traditional work hence these dupes are selling so much in the market. *headbang*
      Anyway you from kolhapur? *woot*

    2. the sarees r awesome… u made dem more beautiful….. *preen*
      bt…can u pls tell me dere prices???
      so that… main bhi paisa jamaa kar saku… *duh*

      1. Real jari Uppada range starts from 25000 and goes in Lakhs.
        When my mother gifted me the Tissue Kota saree 6 years ago it was 23000. The saree rates fluctuate with silver rates as the real jari is made from real silver. It’s very illogical according to me because its very rare that a saree will have more than 200gms of silver! Best is to buy directly from the weavers. No middleman and no bullshit.

  8. @Jomol -It’s heartening to see your mothers passion for Uppada sarees. You are one lucky girl who can raid her closet anytime

  9. @Nausheen I wish I was as good as my makeup lady who did my wedding makeup. All I can say is that she used MAC exclusively.

  10. i loved all the 3 looks of yours… you look sooooo gorgeous and your skin is superb *happydance* *happydance*

  11. @ Saloni thank you so much. I am in Delhi currently for some work. And it’s actually wrecking hevoc with my skin. *ghost* So now I am in a no makeup, just hydrate mode *powder*

  12. @Riya *thankyou* . I am not sure what blush it is. It’s a professionally done makeup. She used Mac and urban decay products. Actually I was not very happy with it. Made my face too round *nababana* .

  13. I hav w0red navari saree for my school sports day (lezim) when dat aunty helpd me to wear it o g0sh kidar kidar se saree nikal rhe the.. N dat wz realy dificult to carry.. I luvd dat natni.. Mashallah Saee u hav so cute dimples.. N i luvd dat kota saree

  14. @Anita *thankyou* so much for your comments. My dimples are courtesy my Baba. *haan ji* .Yes wearing a Nauwari is slightly confusing at the beginning but once you get a hang of it…its a cakewalk. My Aie gets ready in 15 minutes flat. Nauwari style has many different forms like the maratha style, Brahmamini style, karnataka style. ..etc

  15. OMG Saee you look like a model! Great pics all of them. Each sari is very beautiful in it’s own way. And must say you do carry them very well. You should do a post on how to carry a sari elegantly. I believe many of the girls from this generation would appreciate such tips *happy dance*

  16. You look fab Saee! I never thought you’d be married! You look so young.. and so beautiful!
    I especially love your wedding photo. Your eye makeup is beautiful 🙂
    I don’t wear sarees too much, but my mum is a HUGE fan of tissue kota sarees 🙂

  17. u r so beautiful saee.. n u look gorgeous in saree.. the upadda saree is soooo pretty.. u look fabulous.. loving ur eye makeup… cant wait to see more ootds from u..

  18. Hi Saee ,

    I did think you are a maharashtrian from your name . Me too a maharashtrian . I am from pune , where are you from .
    The nose ring is just too cute ,how much did you get it from ? and from where did you get it ? 🙂

    Also , your , make up in wedding photos is very natural . if you have done it yourself can you write a tut for that make up ? 🙂

  19. Saee: I totally agree with you.. its mainly because of cost and demand.. Traditional ones take time and labour and hence are very expensive.. more over these chinese ones are cheap and as u said people have stopped valuing the traditional work hence these dupes are selling so much in the market.
    Anyway you from kolhapur?

    1. There are different ways to differentiate original from a dupe. But best bet is an original Uppada won’t cost you anything below 25-30000. You get paithani and banarasi sarees for 3 to 4000 in the market. A sure sign they are machine made. Will surely do a post on how to differentiate

  20. @Preeti actually Saee is a very old Marathi name. My grandfather studied Shivaji Maharajas history so he named after his favourite queen Saeebai. Even the famous children’s film makers Saee Paranjpe is my namesake. I am from Aundh, now married to a army officer so now a gypsy moving from one place to another. I bought the nose ring from our family jewellers in Belgaum, karnataka. Its an antique, so cost me dearly. *headbang* . My wedding makeup was done by a MAC professional.

  21. @Manisha I am from Pune. Tough a huge fan of Kolhapuri chappals and Mane Jewellers from Kolhapur. Kolhapuri Saaz is still on my wish list

  22. Wow each one is awesome Saee. Mastach! Even I prefer traditional Silks and Cottons to nets and chiffons and keep searching for them. Wherever I go, I try to pick u a saree from that place. You would love Kolkata I guess. Lovely Kantha, and many more types.

    For my wedding I had gone to Yevla to get a 28 “moranchi” Paithani! But didn’t dare get a 9 yard saree. Will Think about it though, inspired by you.

    Yet to buy an Upada saree! Wish to do that now. Latest buy was a Chanderi saree…

    1. Varsha! So cool to see your knowledge of Paithani. You should have atleas one Nauwari if you belong to either Maharashtra or Karnataka! I own two chanderi sarees I got from MP along with a beautiful Maheshwari. I do own the traditional Kolkata saree in both cotton and silk. I think its called as Jamdani weave. Have to check.

      1. Yes..Kolkata has lovely Jamdani sarees, tangail sarees, kantha stitch sarees and Baluchodi silk sarees, which have stories woven on them!
        Paithanis, I learnt more about them from the weaver in Yevla! Humble folks, with shops above their residence. Vidhate Paithani is where I shopped before my marriage. Is your nauvari the “brocade” Paithani? Its gorgeous. Simply awesome.
        Stock up on the Chanderis! The art is dying it seems, as more and more weavers are making a move from the traditional craft to a modern living.
        Please do posts on traditional sarees, I am aiming for at least one of each Indian sarees! Still a long way to go…

  23. gorgeous u n such informative article saee.. *jai ho* *jai ho* loved each n every style of urs.. awesome.. *jalwa* *jalwa*

  24. @Saee: Awesome that is..Me too live in pune (Kharadi bypass).. where do you live.. Would love to see you once i am back to India. *announce*
    My grandmother own Kolhapuri saaj and thushi… Thats really old and looks really grand.. *clap*

  25. Hi Saee ,

    Good to know you from Aundh 🙂
    Please share your wedding photos ( if possible ) so that IMBB beauties can get a clue about wedding get up 🙂 specially the marathi girls on IMBB .
    Your wedding get up is very very nice . Can you share the address phone no or mail id of the lady who did your wedding make up ? I am from Pune and would like to have her contact number .

    1. Hi Preeti. Thank you so much for your comments. My next post is on my wedding outfit. Will surely share the makeup pros contact details.

  26. OMG So much of beauties here in IMBB *woot* . Hats off to this blog. *whistle* And Saee u are gorgeous. *jai ho*

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