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The mere occurrence of word ‘TRAVEL’ excites me to the core. I am the most enthusiastic traveller in my family. From long holidays to super short getaways I have been on both.

Long or short, by plane or by car, I agree that travelling is hectic but, it does not mean that we stop going out just because it takes a temporary toll on our skin. Anyway, this article of mine will not only help all those people who love to travel but are not aware of the tricks to put away that tired, exhausted and beaten up look on the go. But, it will lay down some pointers for all those too who hate travelling because of the toll it takes on there body, skin and hair.

Mentioned below are few survival tips that will surely help you to put your best face forward and reach your destination in style.

• Apply sunscreen: Do not forget to put on sunscreen before you leave your house. It will not only keep you hydrated but will also save you from the harmful UV rays.

• Avoid layering foundation on the go: No matter how much you adore that magic bottle, compact etc you should try to keep a safe distance from it on the go. Try out a tinted moisturizer instead it will give to enough coverage and glow to your skin.

• Use cream blushes: Avoid dusting powder blushes instead opt for cream formulas. They melt into the skin better and stay put for longer period of time sans touch-ups. Also, they look more natural when applied correctly onto the skin.

• Eye brighteners do help: Keep an eye brightener in your kit to zap off those tired puffy eyes. Eye brighteners not only conceal dark circles but give an instant lift to the eye area making you look awake and glowing. Do pack an eye cream too for later use. Pack in a lubricating eye drops to get rid of watery or red eyes.

• Mascara power: To look even more fresh and awake use a mascara. Add a coat of mascara to your top lashes, wiggling it into the roots and rolling out to the ends. Avoid doing so on the lower lashes as it may smudge and make you look droopy and sick.

• Do not forget your lips: Cracked lips can ruin you outing in a big way, to avoid this pain keep your lips well hydrated. People often try to apply a long wearing lipstick on the go these lip colours can be little drying at times. Keep a lip balm handy, and slather it on at regular intervals.

• Hair care: Pamper your tresses with a light leave in conditioner or serum, afterall they need some hydration too. Tie them up in a bun or ponytail to avoid tangles and frizz on the go.

• Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated from within. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as both of these drinks can dehydrate you.

Try out these practical tips before you set out on a journey next time, I assure you wont be disappointed.

Now don’t just sit back and sulk in front of TV, pack your bags and hit the road without any beauty fears.

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