Travel Essentials For the Backpacking Fashionista

Backpacking isn’t like normal travel. You have to fit everything inside a backpack! As much fun as backpacking is, maintaining your style during travel can become a little cumbersome since you can’t take every single beauty/fashion product you own, but it’s not difficult to be a fashionable jet setter. Here are some great tips and buys for all the backpacker travelettes.

Travel Essentials Backpacking

1. Buy an anti-UV hat:  Since you are going to be spending most of the time hiking through beautiful towns and villages, an anti-UV hat (with UPF of up to 40) is good to keep the sun rays off your face.

Anti uv hat

2. Get folding flip-flops:  These can be folded and easily fit inside any bag, even your hand luggage! And they come with a transparent pouch; so no question of soiling other stuff.

Travel tips

3. Carry travel sizes of your favourite beauty products: Most brands have small travel-sized versions of their products. If they aren’t available, squeeze some into travel tubes and bottles available online.

Travel size face wash

4. Wear this cute globe-binocular necklace: What better than the globe to wear as an accessory as you trot the globe!

Globe necklace

5. Use travel-sized face and body mist:  Spray face mists every now and then to refresh your skin and get you energized as you stroll through the new places.  Spray on light body mists every time you feel like the sweat has taken a toll on you. It will definitely freshen you up. Do not use heavy oil-based perfumes as they will make you feel mushy and suffocated under sweat.

Forest Essentials Facial mist

6. Have an all-in-one bag:  It will easily take all of your essentials – toiletries, medicines, jewelry, cosmetics.

White bag

7. Keep refreshing wipes and feminine wipes handy:  They are really good for a quick freshening up after a long flight, train or bus. Use the hand wipes on your armpits and behind the neck as well. The feminine wipes are wrapped individually so you can pop 1 or 2 into your handbag on other days as well.

Facial wipes

8. Use a mini straightener:  These are very compact, lightweight and can be used to straighten small portions of hair quite easily.

9. Pack a foldable sling bag:  Once you reach your destination, you can unfold this sling bag from your backpack and use it to carry your essentials like wipes, sunscreen, sunglasses, mists, money etc.

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