Trend Alert! 5 Different Ways to Style a Slit Top

By Chanchala Bose

Hello ladies,
Here is the hottest trend of the season. Long slit tops are in fashion. A slit top looks very trendy and stylish. The first time I saw it, I thought it would only suit tall girls but I realised that there are so many ways in which you can style slit tops, and short girls can rock those styles too!

slit high top

1. Wear a pair of shorts underneath
slit top with shorts
Slit tops are usually long and offer a peek-a-boo on sides. They come in quite light summer fabrics too. So pairing a slit top with shorts will make your entire outfit quite breezy and summery.

2. Pair it with fitted leggings
slit top with fitted leggings
The slit tops are loose and flowy materials. Thus, I suggest pairing it with some tight leggings to give it a sexy, pulled together look. To add quirkiness to your entire look, pair your single-colored slit top with some attractive printed leggings and vice versa. This will balance the entire look and give a girlish approach to the overalls.

3. Pair it with palazzos
slit top with palazzos
If you want to carry on with the loose flowy style, then pair the long slit top with palazzos. This will give your entire appreance a very flowy and ethnic appearance. This is my favourite look and it is perfect for summers.

4. Pair it with a maxi skirt
slit top with maxi skirt
In this look, free textures are the focus. You can pair a slit top with a maxi skirt of same colour or different contrast colours. It will look equally chic and attractive.

5. Pair it with a fitted midi skirt
This is a very cool and innovative way. Tuck in the front portion of your slit top loosely inside the skirt. The back portion can flow freely in a normal manner. This will give a neat look from the front and casual look from the back.

So these were some of my favourite ways of playing around with slit tops. Let me know what’s your favourite and your way of styling it.

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