Trend Alert! 6 Styling Tips to Sport the Sports Luxe Trend

Hi ladies,
Sportswear is not restricted to gym and sporting events anymore! Sports luxe trend has been seen on fashion runways numerous times and has also made its way to the streets. Let’s find out how you can sport this trend with elan.

6 Styling Tips to Sport the Sports Luxe Trend

1. Go for statement jackets

You don’t want to look like you are roaming the streets in your exercise gear. You can dress up those oh so comfy sweats by adding a statement jacket or the right kind of hoodie with them to keep the look comfortable yet tidied up!

2. Give proportion to the silhouette

If you are going for a loose tee then provide proportion to your figure by wearing it with fitted leggings or a pencil skirt. You can do the same with loose lowers with fitted tank top or tee. Do not go for an overall baggy look which will add kilos to your body weight.

3. Go for sneakers

If you think you don’t want to be seen around in your sportswear then best way to embrace this trend is to wear sneakers with all the feminine dresses that you have! Sneakers are the easiest to incorporate into your daily clothing items.

4. Choose only 1 hero

Do not think that top to bottom sportswear will actually be passed off as casual clothes. You need to be a bit careful with the trend. When you are starting out, try to incorporate one sport piece into your outfit and plan your other pieces around it.

5. Add feminine pieces

You need to find the perfect balance between the sports pieces and feminine pieces to look good. You can combine the edgy sportswear pieces with more classic, feminine pieces to balance the whole look. You can go for tailored blazers, leggings, fitted skirts or bold makeup to complete the look.

6. Incorporate different textures in the look

You can go for patterned jerseys, look for little details in your sweats or you can go for embellished sneakers to take your whole look to a new level.

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