Trend Alert! Everything You Need to Know about Hair Contouring

How are you all? Have you heard about hair contouring? While writing this post, I came to know about a lot of important things about hair contouring which I wanted to share with you all. Basically, hair contouring is a custom-made colour application over hair. Hair contouring was introduced after face contouring became a success. Let’s know more about it.

1. What is hair contouring exactly?
Hair contouring is a colouring technique that uses a combination of free hand application and highlighting paired with the careful positioning of different tones and depths around the face to highlight and shadow targeted areas. This clever placement of colour and the careful selection of complimentary tones perform an optical illusion and make your face appear more defined and features more accentuated. Hair contouring can help to enhance your skin tone without application of makeup and making your look cakey and more of artificial. It was Kim Kardashian who brought hair contouring in trend and since then girls have gone gaga over this revolution.

Rosie Huntington

Here are few steps on how to contour your hair according to the shape of your face:

1. Square shape
To elongate a round or square face, light tones are applied around the hair line, while darker shades are applied beneath the ear and also the lower ends of the hair. This will give a fake impression of elongated face as well as give an edge to the round face.

2. Oblong shape or diamond shape
It is said that oval shape is the best face structure for hair contouring. To accentuate it even more, always look to add depth with colour, thick texture, and shine. A single highlight around the face is used to frame it and lighter pieces are weaved in front of the ears with an ombre effect to make an elongated face shape appear more oval.

3. Heart or triangular shape
To create an impression of face with wide forehead, dark colours are used at the top of head and also the crown area whereas lighter shades are applied at the mid lengths to lighten the jawline. It is said that Ombre and Sombré techniques are well suited to this face shape.

Kim Kardashian

2. Will hair contouring suit me?
Hair contouring is a bespoke colouring service that is literally designed to suit your unique facial structure, features and skin tone so it would suit you for sure. Never be worried about the tone of shades and other things! The colours are selected based on your skin tone and then given a try with your facial structure. You never go wrong with hair contouring!

3. How to take care of your contoured hair?
Washing your hair frequently, using strong chemical-filled shampoos and using hair tools can take a toll on your colour. The colour tends to lose its shine and shade due to constant exposure to sun and other environmental factors. You need to use mild shampoos meant for colored hair to keep your scalp nourished as well as to prolong the radiance over hair.

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