Trend Alert! Granny Hair Is the Next Big Thing

Hi ladies,
This summer’s hair trends are all about experimentation. From haircuts to hair styles and hair colors, it is all about embracing your flaws and turning them glam. Granny hair is the next big thing. Gone are the days when you’d go running for the scissors whenever you spotted gray hair. Now it is time to carry and flaunt your flaws gracefully. Let me take you into the world of granny hair trend.

Trend Alert! Granny Hair is the Next Big Thing

1. What is granny hair trend?

Granny hair trend is all about dying your hair gray! Because gray hair has been associated with grannies since centuries, this trend of gray hair is aptly called granny hair trend. Gray hair is indeed enjoying some real attention at the moment with women of all ages dying their hair completely gray or in gray ombres.
Trend Alert! Granny Hair is the Next Big Thing

2. Is this trend really having the ‘it’ moment?

YES! Many fashion designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel and Gareth Pugh depicted this trend on their models in their fashion shows. Many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicole Ritchie and Kelly Osbourne also tried out this new trend of graying the hair. It is a trend that is taking the social media by storm. While I am writing this post, Instagram has 131,723 posts under #GrannyHair.

3. What are the pros of this trend?

• The gray hair movement is kind of liberating for those who have naturally grayed hair.
• It will instantly make you stand out in a crowd.
• This trend can make you look attractive if done the right way.
• Gives you a bold new look.

4. What are the cons of this trend?

• Requires immense use of bleaches and chemicals.
• You get far away from the natural shade of your hair. Bleaches penetrate the outer cuticle of hair shaft and de-pigment it. This can be quite damaging for your hair.
• Because of the centuries old social stigma attached to gray hair, many people will criticize and de-motivate you.

5. Take inspiration

However, in case you have made up your mind to get your hair dyed gray entirely or a few streaks, or even if you plan to flaunt your natural grays, then here are some inspirations for you.

• Cara Delevigne
cara delevigne
One of the most sought after fashion model Cara Delevigne turned her hair grey last year and people loved it.

• Rihanna
She makes it a point to sport the brave-heart trends. She dyed her hair red then and gray now.

• Lady Gaga
lady gaga
Lady Gaga is known for experimenting with her looks. She has been seen with pink hair and turquoise hair too! And she seems to be loving the granny hair trend.

• Kylie Jenner
kylie jenner
Do you know what Kylie wished to do and then actually did on her 18th birthday? She dyed her hair gray!

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