Trend Alert! Scallop Fashion Trend and 8 Ways to Rock It

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Scallop trend is perfect for summer and spring time. It introduces subtle accents in the shape of scalloped edges around the hemlines/necklines of clothes and also on the edges of your favourite accessories. Let’s find out how you can include it in your everyday style.

Trend Alert! Scallop Fashion Trend and 8 Ways to Rock It

1. Pencil skirts/shorts

Move away from the usual pencil skirts for your office wardrobe. You can find skirts in scalloped pattern to break the monotony of the traditional skirt. If you want to add a really cute summery vibe to your plain ol’ boring shorts, then go for them in scalloped edges. They look super cool with everything. If you want to up the chic factor, then go for lacy scalloped shorts.

2. Scalloped collar

This is the most common scallop clothing trend that you can try. You can go for tops, shirts or summer dresses with scalloped collar which look really great.

3. Dresses

Summer dresses in pastel shades with scallop detailing look not only very feminine but also give out a perfect romantic vibe. These kinds of dresses are perfect for a day out with friends or that date with your crush!

4. Blazers

Go for the quirkiest and vivacious colours with little scallop detailing on the side to add a little oomph to a casual outdoor look.

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5. Swimsuits

scallop bikini
Why not go for the cutest looking swimsuits in this hot weather and make the world take notice of you while you slay in a scallop detailed swimsuit!

6. Bags

Yes your plain black office bag will not be plain anymore. There are so many types of bags available in the market today like clutches, wallets, sling bags with scallop details around the edges to give the simple bag a nice, little twist.

7. Footwear

Be it your beloved ballerinas or those boots, scallop details on the footwear say ‘little things do matter’ and how they can make a big difference to the overall look of the shoes.

8. Shades

A summer staple, sunglasses with scallop edges will instantly perk up your look. This is actually a really good idea if you are not too sure about sporting the trend!

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