Trendy Ways to Use Summer Clothing for Fall!

Hi ladies,

Well fall is officially here! When summer gets over, sometimes we find ourselves wondering what to do with the overflowing pool of summer dresses and those shorts. Well you can wear them in fall too. Let me tell you how!


Maxi dresses:


The femininity of maxi skirts can be complemented so well by the toughness of leather jackets. This pairing definitely ups the chic factor. You can also play with different textures of jackets like velvet or suede.



A very casual jeans and tee look of yours can be dressed up for any occasion by just adding a layer of structured jacket or a blazer. You can add more oomph by adding a statement necklace over your tee too.



Why not make use of those cute short skirts by adding more cuteness in the form of oversized pullovers. You can add boots or booties for a date night look.

Summer dresses:


We all can’t let go of those cute summer dresses Can we? You can easily wear the summer dresses in fall season too by layering them up with knitted cardigans, jackets or even coats according to how cold the weather is.

All summer outfits:


When there is a transition period between summers and fall then your best and stylish bet is to wear boots over all your summer outfits. You can go for different kinds of boots from knee high boots to booties.



Shorts are the easiest piece to wear all year around. When its not so cold outside, then you can wear your shorts over sheer stocking or black tights. When the weather is chillier then you can wear knee high boots, camel coats, sweaters and what not to complete the look.



Overalls are so chic and so effortless when it comes to styling them. You can wear your overalls in colder months also; the trick is to wear your overalls over turtle necks or chunky knits to keep you warm.

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