TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo Review

Hair Type: Long smooth but thin, limp hair
Scalp Type: Oily

Hello ladies!

Tresemme, is one of my favorite hair care brand and their products suits my hair perfectly. We all love volume on our hair, especially girls like me, who have limp thin hair must need some good volume that makes hair gorgeous. I always love to try hair products, that provide good volume but this new ‘Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume shampoo’ and ‘conditioner’ got my attraction, with its different ‘reverse system’ concept. I never tried any pre-wash conditioner and 2nd step shampoo before this, so I was super excited to try these new products and with time, they win my heart. Let’s get into the details of this Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo.


Product Description:

TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo
When there’s bounce in your hair, there’s a spring in your step! And guess what? Bouncy hair is now oh-so-achievable! TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume is a game-changing range that is specifically formulated to give you beautiful voluminous hair that lasts up to 3 days.
All you need to do is flip your regime upside down, condition first then Shampoo your crown! The clever volume lockers in TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo are designed to leave hair voluminous and bouncy for long.
Core Benefits
– New revolutionary reverse system with conditioner before shampoo helps you achieve smooth long-lasting volume that lasts up to 3 days
– Unique formulation with volume lockers, infuses your hair with volume
– Used after the Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner, hair is left voluminous, for up to 3 days
– Get long-lasting smooth volume that resists humidity
– Can work in conjunction with/ replace hair oil



Price: Rs. 69/- for 80ml

My Experience with TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo:


Like all other Tresemme shampoo, it also comes in a same black color plastic bottle, with a color coded press cap with small dispenser. I always like this cap and it is totally a safe travel friendly bottle. They have various size options, so there are various choices. I am not sure about the big bottle, but in this small bottle, I couldn’t find any details about these products and also there is no information about how to use these new reverse system products. So, I need to find it online. Otherwise, it is a pretty packaging.


Shampoo comes with a silky white medium to thin consistency, that glides on hair smooth and I need only coin size amount for my long hair. It lathers up perfectly; even on my oiled hair, it creates lots of lather to easily clean. Shampoo cleans my hair deeply and removes all the dirt and excess oil from hair and scalp. It is super good to clean oil from hair and it makes non greasy. I have super oily and sweaty scalp and this formula works on me beautifully to control oil and sweat. Shampoo, also has a mild fresh smell that stays on hair nicely around a day and it keeps hair fresh for long.


Now, let’s talk whether it provides volume or not. Let me explain that I have thin and straight hair so my hair always looks very limp. I can provide volume with different styling product but those styling products make hair rough, so if I get that volume from a shampoo then nothing is better than this.


Shampoo provides a really good volume to my limp hair. It keeps hair bouncy and my hair looks full fluffy also. I can notice that bouncy look to my hair and the volume stays good on hair. It actually controls oil on scalp and that’s why the volume stays on my hair throughout the day, even after a sweaty day my hair looks bouncy on the next morning but the 3 days volume claim is not so true for me. Still, I love it provided volume which makes my hair healthy. I can style it up easily. My hair never looks dull with it. It is a natural volume, so definitely it doesn’t look huge like a spray product, so don’t expect that huge. It is good for our daily purpose for a natural looking fresh bouncy hair.


Shampoo also provides decent hydration to hair, that keeps hair super soft and smooth. It provides a nice shine to hair with a silky finish. But, it is not an amazing shampoo to control frizz for long. So definitely I need to follow with the 1st step conditioner and both the combination works good on my hair. I also used it alone and it works on hair, but then it is not so moisturizing and my hair looks little frizzy after few hrs. So, I always recommend using both of these. Also it doesn’t cause hair fall. I really love its effect on my hair.


Overall, I love this new beauty-full volume shampoo. We all know that after shampoo and condition makes oily hair limp so this reverse concept works nice to provide that desire natural volume to hair. I love that freshness on my hair.

Pros of TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo:

• Pretty travel friendly packaging.
• Affordable and comes with various size.
• Different reverse concept works lovely.
• Fresh pleasant long lasting smell.
• Need small amount.
• Lather up perfect and easy to clean.
• Cleans hair deeply and removes all excess oil.
• Clean oiled hair easily.
• Provides fresh, non greasy, non oily hair.
• Provides good hydration to hair.
• Makes hair silky, soft and smooth.
• Provides good natural volume to limp hair.
• Hair looks bouncy and fresh for long.
• Helps to control oil and volume stays up to 2 days.

Cons of TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo:

• Can’t control frizz.
• Need conditioner to make hair manageable.
• Volume is not huge.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Recommend/Repurchase TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo?
Yes, to Both.

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