Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray Review

Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray

Price: 5 GB pounds(give or take a penny) I donno where the receipt is :stars:
(roughly 375)
tresemme heat defence styling spray
Where I bought it from:
Sainsbury store, uk
Also available :at a lot of places like boots, booths, tesco etc

About the spray
“TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray contains a heat activated complex to help protect hair when drying and straightening.”
styling spray
From the tresemme uk website:
There’s one rule when you expose your hair to heat- the hair must be protected. This product guards against heat styling tools up to 230 degrees Celsius, keeping your hair shiny and incredibly soft. Professional quality formula contains a heat activated complex to help protect your hair during heat styling, whilst smoothing frizz and sealing in shine.
• Protects hair while using a hairdryer or styling with a flat iron or curling tongs
• Conditions for soft, shiny hair

Product Details
To protect your hair from damage caused by heat styling tools by up to 230 degree celcius*, spray TRESemmé Heat defence styling spray liberally onto your before blow drying and heat styling, keeping it shiny and incredibly soft.

Also, the moisture-locking vitamin complex helps prevent hair becoming brittle and dull, with continued use prevents up to 82% less breakage.**
Spray liberally 6-8 inches away from mid-shaft to ends. Use a brush to pull hair straight and blow dry from roots to ends.
tresemme styling spray
Use both on damp hair before you blow-dry and on dry hair before curling or using straightening irons to shield hair from damaging heat.
*Compared with using a non-conditioning shampoo alone.
**Combing damage vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

I have already talked about the toni & guy heat defence spray aerosol form which I still have. No doubt they are good and even more important is the fact that we need heat defence every single time we style our hair with a curling iron or flat iron or even while plain old blow drying them straight or injecting volume or whatever. I have been a victim of dry brittle hair and have watched my hair undergo the hammer with the continuous heat of flat ironing which was a craze with me three years back when I invested 2300 rupees in my first morphy Richards flat iron. Now three years down the lane, I’m wiser and also equipped with two more flat irons from Philips ion and Remington and tons of heat defence products which are an absolute must each time I blow dry or straighten or curl. Now there is one rule if follow to maximise style n reduce damage that is to shampoo condition (loving aussie for hair) apply anti frizz serum (plain old livon or john Frieda currently) and then to apply heat defence spray and then to blow dry and hold hair taut to straighten with the dryer itself. After 80 % is done, I handle the flat iron with as much as 200 degree 😯 yes that’s true and that’s why it’s criminal not to use heat defence each time, unless you want to end up with straws for hair. Even if you get them done from a salon chances are they will be even more rough and use the spray sparingly and use heat even more than 200 may be 230 degrees to iron hair faster and better. Now that is disastrous. So make sure you follow the above steps for you special hair straightening day where ever you are.

Having said that, let me tel you why I like tresemme for my heat defence.

From wikipedia:
TRESemmé is a brand of haircare products first manufactured by Godefroy Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, Missouri, starting in 1947. TRESemme’s products are used in hair salons across the US, Canada and UK, in particular for hair repair treatment from heating damage caused by hair ironing and blowdrying.

I like the fact that im getting ahuge bottle of the spray that would last me a decent 12 months even if use it ten times a month.(12 months is the shelf life anyway) The bottle pump is much better than the aerosol ones and this one would not cap but pump would stick out like that, can be a problem for some. Im fine with that. The spray comes locked with a clear clip which can be removed and the dispenser is ready to spray.i find the bottle too huge to carry though and for travel purpose I have a smaller toni&guy can which can fir snugly in my purse too. now what I like about this product is that when paired with a prior shampoo n conditioner it does give a sleek finish to hair. It make straightening a lil easier with all the guilt of burning my hair goes. And leaves hair a tad bit shinier. On the down side, it did not leave my hair frizz free for more than six hours and it does not fix hair straight for a long time nor does it claim too.though heat defence works like a coating on hair I did not find it greasy at all in two days too it did not give me greasier roots.its a light spray and the result will be as instant as it is long term. Not only are you saving ur hair form long term damage but also making it softer and shiner and also protecting it from heat as much as 200 degrees.

Last word: I’m happy with the size, the job and the price and the nozzle as well. The brand speaks for itself! absolute must if you blow dry curl or straighten often.the results will be even better for better hair than mine. try to use the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair regularly for maximum benefit
And no I could not find anything else to compare the size with :spank:

Rating: 4 on 5 (protects, leaves hair sleek but does not eliminate frizz for long for my dry hair at least)

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