Top Tricks to Make Hair Look Thicker

Hello pretty ladies, hope you are having an amazing summer. With summer comes sweating and the stickiness. One common problem during the summer is hair becoming limp and sticky; people who are blessed with thick mane are lucky, but what about the people who have fine hair? Fear not, I have some tricks which will make hair look thicker even if you have fine hair. There are few points that you need to keep in mind, so let’s see what these are:

Tips and Tricks to Make Hair Look Thicker

• Do not shampoo everyday:
This is the probably the millionth time you are hearing this. Shampooing everyday is going to strip all the natural oil and make it dry and limp. Instead skip shampooing for a day or too, if not to greasy. We all know that a bit of dirt in the hair tends to add up volume. So go easy on shampooing and conditioning to make hair look thicker.

• Always wash your hair thoroughly:
Make sure while washing your hair you rinse all the products, shampoo and conditioner and other products, from your hair properly. These products have weight and tend to make the hair heavy; on top of that it will attract dirt easily. Improperly washed hair tends to become greasy easily. So make sure your hair is washed free of all the products and your scalp is squeaky clean.

• Blow dry upside down:
While using blow-dryer, turn your head upside down and then blow dry. This is a simple trick, but you will see instant added volume. While blow drying, use your finger to comb your hair instead of a comb.

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• Restrict the number of times you comb your hair:
Combing your hair spreads the natural oil. So, if you comb your hair too many times a day, your hair will become greasy faster. Make sure you use far-toothed comb and not fine comb or brush.

• Tease your hair:
Tease a little bit of your hair around your crown area, which is where you would place a tiara, and then cover up nicely with the un-teased hair. Don’t try to be too neat. Don’t tease a lot, which would look weird and fake volume.

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• Get the right hair-cut:
One should not blindly follow the trends. Make sure what you follow suits your needs. For people who have thin hair, next time include layers in your hair-cut. Layers give an impression of volume. You can get the edgy bob-cut or a fashionable pixie cut too. See which styles suits your face, all of these cuts with proper styling can add extra volumes to your hair.

• Add bangs/fringes:
Add bangs or fringes to your hair-cut. You have to choose the correct bangs/fringes style for your face/haircut. The right style will improve the look tremendously, I love what Zoey Deschenal‘s bangs does for her looks.


• Use broad-barreled rollers:
Use large sized curlers. While the hair is still a little wet add the curlers and let your hair dry. Then blow dry your hair upside down combing using your fingers. This is an amazing look, and amazing volume to your fine mane.

• Don messy hair-dos:
Try the messy bun or the braids. This look certainly adds volume and looks pretty cool as well.

• Highlight your hair:
On the next visit to the parlor, try out highlighting your hair. Instead of colouring your hair, try highlighting different sections. Talk to your stylist and get the perfect shade. Proper highlighting also gives an illusion of denser volume.

Now let us see some hairstyles which will certainly interest you guys, thinner hair or not:

The famous messy bun:
You can never go wrong with this one. It’s elegant, smart and flirty at the same time. Girls with thin hair can don this style easily. The messiness adds to the volume of the hair too.

• The neat bun with side swept bangs:
These hair-dos are perfect for formal or official occasion. It’s neat and edgy, and is perfect for the summers.

bangs hair

• The donut-bun:
I completely adore this hair-do. It is simple and classy at the same time. It’s very easy to do and great for summers as well. Don this style at college or for shopping or hang-out with friends.

• Edgy bob-cut:
With a good stylist this style will do wonders for you to make hair look thicker. This gives such a stylist look and increases the oomph factor. Decide the length of the cut with which you are comfortable with. If you are bold enough you can go for the pixie cut as well.

• The layers:
Layers give the impression of volume to your hair. It’s perfect for people with long thin hair. You can also add curls to your layers and enjoy they beach look.

Top Tricks to Make Hair Look Thicker

Here are some pictures of Zoey Deschenal. I absolutely adore her; she does amazing things with her hair. According to me, she should be the brand ambassador of the bangs. Enjoy!

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Zoey Deschenal

Make Hair Look Thicker on Zoey Deschenal

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