Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil Review

Have you heard of spraying castor oil onto your scalp and still not look like an oil tank? Yes, you heard me right! Castor oil has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and castor oil is very beneficial for skin and hair. Regular usage will increase the elasticity of the skin and will make the hair more thicker and shinier.

Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil Review

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Directions To Use:
For daily usage ,apply a small amount to hair,scalp or skin.Massage it using your fingertips. For Hot oil treatment: Heat a cup of water place the bottle into the heated water until desired temperature. Apply a generous amount on hair and scalp, Cover with a plastic cap and sit under the dryer for 15-30 minutes.Rinse thoroughly.Shampoo and condition hair. Style as desired.

Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil details

My Experience with Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil:

I love oiling my hair once a week but don’t like the sticky feeling that oil has. I came across product on a regular grocery shopping trip and picked it up. The oil comes in a fuss-free spray nozzle which is very convenient to use. It spreads like a dream, without any dripping or spillage. The nozzle helps in spreading the oil easily.

Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil full

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This black castor oil is very lightweight and has a strong peppermint and flowery fragrance to it. On application, it gives a nice cooling effect to the scalp and the skin. It doesn’t weigh down my hair.

I have been using this oil for a few months now on my scalp as well as on my skin. It hasn’t clogged my pores. It has added a nice shine to my hair. On hectic days, I just use it as a hot oil treatment and it has helped in reducing my headache and gives a nice relaxing effect. Since it is very light, it gets washed off easily. Just a single pump of shampoo is enough. I have also noticed that it has reduced my hair fall and helps detangling my hair easier.

Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil swatch

On my skin, it gets absorbed easily. I use a single pump of oil and massage it over my face. It helps in locking up the moisture and doesn’t dry out my skin in harsh winters. I have even used it as a leave-in conditioner and it adds a nice glossy effect. I am in love with this product and the packaging. One single bottle will come a long way as only a small amount is required each time.

Pros of Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil:

  • Convenient packaging.
  • Has an awesome smell.
  • Gives a nice glossy effect to my hair.
  • Moisturizes my skin.
  • Doesn’t clog pores.
  • Helps with hair fall condition.
  • Gives a nice cooling effect to the scalp.
  • Very less shampoo required.
  • Less quantity is required.

Cons of Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil:

  • Nothing that I can think of.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil?
Yes to both.
IMBB Rating:

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