Try Nina Ricci Soft Body Lotion For Luxurious Soft Skin

Nina Ricci Soft Body Lotion

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well. Apples are all around us nowadays. Wondering what am I talking about? It’s the fruit, as well as the other form of Apples (read i-Phone). Today, I am here to discuss one of the products in which Apples plays a significant role in the packaging i.e. Nina Ricci Soft Body Lotion. And I am telling you girls, this apple is almost as expensive as the other Apple brand products! 😛


Product Description: The lotion comes in a white tube with screw open cap. The colour of the lotion and the tube are both pure white. The red apple image on the tube with brand name written on it makes the packaging elegant and appealing. There is nothing specific mentioned on the tube and I personally like white color, be it in clothes or anything else, so this has become one my favourite lotions now!

My Experience With Nina Ricci Soft Body Lotion:

This is one of the luxury brand products I have and I absolutely love it. Not because of the brand name, but because of the product quality.

Fragrance: I would say that the lotion has a simple sweet fragrance to it, without being over powering. The sweet fragrance is different from the typical TBS lotions. It is unique in its own way. It can be described as a blend of sweet and floral notes. The moment you unscrew the cap, you can sniff the elegant yet lovable fragrance, which makes you want to apply it time and again on your body.

Texture: The lotion is super soft and velvety to touch. It is rich in texture and a little amount is required to make your skin magically smooth and soft. It gets absorbed very easily and will not leave behind any oil/greasiness unlike some other lotions do.

Try Nina Ricci Soft Body Lotion For Luxurious Soft Skin 1

Staying Power of the Fragrance: This is one of the best quality lotions I have come across. The amazing fragrance lingers on and on, for a long time. It stays on you for a minimum of 3-4 hours and slowly starts fading away after that.

I would like to share my personal experience here. The other day, I applied this lotion and after a while, realized that I would have to wash the utensils, as mommy would come home late. I immediately got up and started my work. After I was finished with it, I sniffed my hands, the fragrance was still there! Now, if the fragrance can persist even after washing the vessels, just imagine how wonderful the quality of the lotion is!

Moisturisation Property of the Lotion: The lotion’s fragrance is not the only best thing about this product, its mositurization capacity is also equally fantastic! It makes the skin instantly soft and smooth and it stays hydrated for atleast 4-5 hours, without any signs of dryness. Like I mentioned earlier, I washed the utensils and even after that ,my hands dint feel dry or stretchy.

Final Verdict: So far, this is one of the best lotions I have used. Am completely in love with it for its amazingly high quality!

Try Nina Ricci Soft Body Lotion For Luxurious Soft Skin 2

Pros of Nina Ricci Soft Body Lotion:

  • Does the job of moisturising skin so well!
  • Fragrance is very lovely that you are tempted to apply it, time and again.
  • Packaging is elegant and classy
  • Perfect for special occasions and evening parties.

Cons of Nina Ricci Soft Body Lotion:

None I can think of.

Try Nina Ricci Soft Body Lotion For Luxurious Soft Skin 3

Would I Recommend Nina Ricci Soft Body Lotion?

Yes for sure. Go ahead girls, you would love it.

IMBB Rating: 5/ 5.


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  1. Grt… Not only is the fragrance good.. But the quality is also fabulous.. It stayed on after washing utensils… Very impressive indeed

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