Try Revayur Insta Shine Non-Sticky Hair Oil For Touchably Soft and Silky Hair!

Revayur Insta Shine Non-Sticky Hair Oil

Hello gorgeous ladies,

I was recently browsing the internet and I discovered a 2-in-1 product that probably no one must be aware of. This product belongs to the brand ‘Revayur’. It works two ways: firstly as a serum to tame down frizz, when a few drops are used. Secondly, as a perfect hair oil which gives super shiny and soft hair after use, when used in large quantity. Let’s see how this serum-cum-oil worked for me.


Price: Rs 105 for 100 ml.

Product Description By Revayur:

  • A light & non greasy, leave on treatment of instant shine.
  • Fortified with nourishment of Almond & Jojoba oil to strengthen hair.
  • Supports hair styling, improves manageability and helps control fly aways and frizzy hair.
  • It instantly revives dry, frizzy, curly, wavy, dull and damaged hair.
  • A quick and instant solution to make hair radiant, soft and satiny.

How to Use: Take few drops on palm, apply on towel dried hair, from root to tip to give an instant shine to your hair.

Try Revayur Insta Shine Non-Sticky Hair Oil For Touchably Soft and Silky Hair 1

My Experience With Revayur Insta Shine Non-Sticky Hair Oil:

This oil was one of my random purchases from an online store. What I found out was that, it claimed to be a serum; but the results of applying it overnight as an oil too were great. This oil comes in a transparent curvy bottle, which let’s us peak through the quantity used up. It has a flip cap, so the oil doesn’t really spill out.

You can take as much quantity as you need. The texture is light and does not feel heavy when applied. The texture is too watery, but perfect as an oil. I used 3-4 drops as they instructed, but somehow it made my hair sticky and gave it an oily appearance. But the good point was that it completely tamed away my frizzy ends and dryness from the hair. When I touched my hair, it felt very soft and silky. So I started using it as an oil. I use it one hour before washing my hair or keep it overnight. The next day when I take a head bath, my hair looks soft, shiny and dazzling.

This oil has a great fragrance which is the best part about it. The fragrance is like just bloomed fresh sunflowers. It is very appealing to the nose, but can be over-powering to some as well. The fragrance of the oil lingers on for a while and also after the wash, if your shampoo and conditioner is a mild smelling one.

Overall , I feel it is a nice oil which makes your hair look healthy and shiny, every-time you use it; but only temporarily. It does not help with hair growth or strengthening, but just provides temporary benefits!

Try Revayur Insta Shine Non-Sticky Hair Oil For Touchably Soft and Silky Hair 2

Pros of Revayur Insta Shine Non-Sticky Hair Oil:

  • A very affordable product
  • Acts as a serum cum oil for hair
  • The packaging is travel friendly and it does not leak
  • It has a beautiful and invigorating fragrance of fresh sunflowers
  • It totally cures dryness and frizz
  • It makes the hair extremely soft and silky the moment you use it
  • Gets washed off in on go, in case you use it as an oil

Cons of Revayur Insta Shine Non-Sticky Hair Oil:

  • It does not work as a serum for my hair because my hair is really thin
  • An average product; we have better oils and serums out there

Try Revayur Insta Shine Non-Sticky Hair Oil For Touchably Soft and Silky Hair 3

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Revayur Insta Shine Non Sticky Hair Oil?

Umm not really! It’s because my hair are really thin and this oil does not act like a serum on my limp hair. It actually looks like I have oiled my hair. It did a pretty good job as an oil; but yes I have my home-made oil which works far better.

IMBB Rating: 3.2/ 5.

Conclusion: This will work great for taming frizzy hair. But this will only work for people with hair which had good volume. People with thin hair should avoid it because it will actually make it look oily!

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14 thoughts on “Try Revayur Insta Shine Non-Sticky Hair Oil For Touchably Soft and Silky Hair!

  1. I have been using this for about 3 months. I love the shine it gives. My hair looks glossy and black like India Eisley’s.

    1. Awwwww thats great for you 🙂 i always use it before shampooing my hair for that silky feel what it gives 🙂 glad it worked for u too

  2. looks good on the bottle saloni…great review :D, I have thin hair and I have hardly found any serum that works, all make my hair chipku …let me know if you have found something for thin hair

    1. Actually that is the issue with thin hair.. the hair stick very quickly yaaa… matrix biolage ahs always worked great that way.. never got that chipku feeling.. may be you should try that 🙂
      L’oreal Paris Studio Silk & Gloss Hot Straight Smoothing Spritz …. this is the one i had been loving.. i am sure this will work great.. its a serum plus heat protectant.. buy this for sure if you can get it 🙂 thanks a lot 🙂

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