Tutorial : How to Mattify Your Lipstick

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Hi Everyone, 🙂

I have been wearing a lot of matte makeup these days and not all the lipsticks I have are matte. So here’s a little trick that I always use to mattify my lipstick colors. Hope you find it useful. 🙂

1. Start with any lipstick color / finish of your choice.

2. Pick some translucent powder on finger tip. Any powder would work – loose powder, compact powder etc. Translucent powders are the best because they would not alter with the intensity of your lipstick color. Don’t use a powder foundation that could only lighten your color. Just a sheer coat of any powder would do. This would take away the shine from your lipstick.

3. Pat the powder on your lipstick.

4. Press your lips until all powder disappears.

5. And there you have it – your matte lipstick. 😀 You can put more powder if you want it super matte. Play with technique and you would be able to figure out what works the best for you. The more powder you put, the matte(r) your lipstick would be. 🙂 This would also help your lipstick last suuuperr long. If you find your lips are getting dry, just pat some lip balm on top. Voila!

Hope you like it. 🙂

Lipstick used YSL Rouge Le OrangeHow to mattify your lipstick

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8 thoughts on “Tutorial : How to Mattify Your Lipstick

  1. Much needed Rati. I often buy even glossy lip colors just for their shades, but my heart lies in matte. Now, will make them look matte. I hope you do more such tutorials for beginners like me. 😀

  2. Am still not getting adjusted to reds :/ but useful tips even for hot pinks or a brown for a chocolatte look:D Much needed tip. TY Rati 🙂

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