Tvam Mint and Cucumber Face Toner Review

Tvam Mint and Cucumber Face Toner Review

Tvam Mint and Cucumber Face Toner Review

I have just recently switched to a proper CTM routine after reading so much about skin care here on IMBB. I am blessed with clear skin, but I still want to make sure I take all the necessary precautions to ensure it stays that way.  So, while on my recent haul, I came across this toner online. I love mint in everything, whether it’s ice cream (it’s delicious :D), or cosmetic cream (it’s cooling) or in my drink (it’s refreshing), so it’s no surprise that I was immediately drawn to this. The price was very reasonable too, so I thought I would give it a shot, and I love natural products.

The packaging is very simple, in a spray bottle with a plastic cap. The toner is a cool green, like khus-khus 😛 It smells slightly medicinal though, but I didn’t mind it too much. Here’s a look:


Rs. 491, got it for Rs. 317 for 100 ml.

Product Description:


The bottle is easy enough to use, and sprays a fine mist on to the face. The mint is concentrated, so it actually gives a very refreshing, cooling effect to the face. It dries off pretty fast too, and does leave a fresh feeling. The smell; however, isn’t a lotm but sometimes it reminds me of swimming pool chlorine 😛

I love this toner, it’s my first, but I find it very good to use in the morning and before bed.  This toner leaves a tingling, cool sensation on my face.  I have definitely noticed a positive change in my face.  Oh and I took Rati’s awesome advice and used the cotton facial rounds to apply this and my skin actually feels so much more soft and fresh!! <3

This is how it looks when you spray it:

Tvam Toner

To summarize:

Pros of Tvam Mint and Cucumber Face Toner:

  • Light and refreshes the face.
  • Simple packaging, easy to use.
  • Can be sprayed on to refresh yourself as well, in addition to being a toner.
  • Has a lovely cooling effect.

Cons of Tvam Mint and Cucumber Face Toner:

  • Rs. 491 is a lot to pay for toner.
  • The smell might be an issue for some.

Would I Repurchase Tvam Mint and Cucumber Face Toner?

Maybe, but for now, I think I would like to experiment with different toners and see which one could be my HG one!

IMBB Rating:


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17 thoughts on “Tvam Mint and Cucumber Face Toner Review

  1. Awesome write up Nandini.. I did see this brand on a couple of websites but have never tried anything from this range.. I will check it now.. 🙂

    1. Thankoo Dipti!! Yeah it’s pretty nice but I think I will stick to known sites like UT when buying cosmetics :/ didn’t like the chlorine-ish smell!

  2. Mint choco chip ice cream!!! Mint aero candy bars!!! After Eights!!! 😀
    Okay, I’ll stop now. I like mint in my body products too, Nandini. But umm, chlorine smelling? 🙁 Not good 🙁

    1. Haha you’re just like me, Samantha 😀 yeah that’s the drawback :/ maybe I should buy it in-store and not online you know maybe it’s old or something though the expiry date is in 2013.

  3. omgg!! i totally forgot about this brand. everything sounds so awesome. i reme nupur’s reviews and now another one. i love these kind of sprays for summers. they freshen up the face within seconds. will keep this in mind. thanks 🙂

  4. Great review, Nandini. I agree that a toner can bring a wonderful improvement to the skin. 😀 Much as I love mint though, I find the price a little too steep. I don’t think I’d pay 400-something bucks for a toner unless it contains unicorn hair and claims to make me gorgeous and ageless. 😛

  5. Nandini….I like mist bottles a lot and when the toner comes in a spray/mist form…its so refreshing…….he he….Loved this review of yours and TVam is such a good brand,hai na 🙂

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