Two Outfits : Anokhi Dhoti Pants, Anupama Dayal Skirt

sea pearl resort phuket

Hi Everyone, ๐Ÿ™‚

We are in Phuket at the moment. I am sharing the two outfits from yesterday and today.

Yesterday evening we went to Patong Beach and I wore white dhoti pants with kurti and big gold earrings. I wore white beaded flats that gave a bit of colour to the look. I had imagined an all-white look near the sea and this one fit the bill completely. ๐Ÿ™‚

For the second look I kinda picked up colours from the sea only. A turquoise skirt paired with a navy top and a bit of pink adding a much needed fun brightness to the look. I wanted to keep this look very simple and close to nature- walking barefoot on sand and pretty much no accessories. I think Sanjeev captured the essence of what I had in my mind beautifully.

Some more pics HERE.

sea pearl resort phuket thailand

phuket patong beach

amrapali draupadi earrings

anokhi white outfit

phuket india

anupama dayal skirt summer

anupama dayal skirt

phuket beach


anupama dayal skirt blue



Hope you like the looks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Outfit Details :
(White) Kurti, Pants : Anokhi
Earrings : Amrapali
Shoes : Freecultr
Sunglasses : Rayban

Blue Skirt : Anupama Dayal
Top : Fabindia


31 thoughts on “Two Outfits : Anokhi Dhoti Pants, Anupama Dayal Skirt

  1. aww rati u look beautiful and such amazing pics *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* so relaxing to see you and your holiday pics, sanjeev ji great pics *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho*

  2. u look lovely rati *woot* *woot* *woot* in both outfits the skirt is so damn pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ i cant get over u r love for coconut water and mini bananas ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› have great time and be safe

  3. Ooooo u r reading “the rescue”!!! its on my wishlist fr quite sometime…i am on thrillers spree right now (harlan coben, mary higgins clark ๐Ÿ˜€ ) will pick dis up next wid the guardian…dont mind my blabbering…i literally go nuts wen i c novels…m a reading freak…wen i saw a book in ur hand kpt scrolling fr d title *hihi* *hihi* n i simply looooove ur outfit…specially the anokhi dhoti one…its so simple yet so serene n gorgeous…u rock *puchhi* *puchhi*

  4. I recently went through the earliest posts of the blog so was able to capture the look of ua bubbly chubby cheeks …. U have slimmed down a lot …boy i was so stunned …. As far as cuteness is concernd u still are uber cute nd totally sober …. I must say a big congrats for ua success through so many years …. I Wish u live a very much blessed life always vd our very own sanjeev jeeju ….. Ua strugle is such a inspiring 1 … Love u guys for sharing it out with us ……

    As far as ua ootd is concerned … U tou looking jhakkaaas baby ….. Loved the dhoti kurta ….. Stay blessed

  5. I had been clicking on Faux Pas all evening for an update from Phuket! N then saw both blogs updated! Loved the all white outfit, the wind-swept blue skirt and the beach wear! My last trip to Phuket was about a decade back – work related – can you believe that! Am in the midst of planning a trip out – and waiting anxiously each day for the updates to help make up my mind on the destination!

    Hope you guys have loads of fun!

    My favourite pic? Where you are standing in water with your hands holding the flair of your skirt. Whenever i see you in that pose, it reminds me of a little girl checking out her skirt/dress’ flair! *puchhi*

  6. Wow! Totally loved both the looks and outfits .. Amazing moments captured by Sanjeev!! Hats off to both of you.. You look gorgeous as always Rati ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. aww.. really eye pleasing n soothing pics in white n turquoise, u totally picked colors frm nature as divine n pure as natural beauty of mother earth.. *whistle* *puchhi*
    I really wanna browse anupama dayal collection, all these skirts r in my wishlist.. *specs*
    N this dhoti pants style is so chic, stylo yet truly feminine.. u totally rockdd it.. *whistle* *woot*
    But I must say, all these styles n flaires only luk gud wen we hv a confident pleasant physique n dats where u nailed it.. *whistle* Ur personality is super fab n I wonder if there is any style or outfit which nvr turned heads.. *woot* really commendable.. *clap* *clap*

  8. Awesome Rati *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* You look pretty, awesome, gorgeous in the white outfit………the skirt makes the entire look so playful…..beautiful clicks *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

  9. rati di u look very pretty *clap* *clap* *clap* and *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* sanjeev ji for capturing beautiful pics *jai ho* *jai ho*

  10. WOW Rati,

    You look so pretty in both the outfits. Love how you have wore the white so beautifully for the beach… classic and beautiful….

    I have the same white dhoti pants from anokhi but was thinking of how to pair them… And you have given me a perfect idea… Lovely…

  11. just wow…. drooling over your white dhoti pants …You are looking so so so beautiful .
    Liked the other look as well. Enjoy in phuket.

  12. You looks stunning in both the looks rati *clap* *jai ho* , the first look is simple yet elegant with ethnic touch and loved the flair of your skirt in second look, I am a fan of Sanjeevji’s photography now *clap*

  13. Ratiii .. u guys r having the time of your life *woot* *woot* *woot* woooowwww… i agree Sanjeev sir has captured the spirit of this whole trip aptly.. calm, relaxed,chilled out,carefree, lost in nature and forget about the time kinds..just lovely darling *puchhi* *puchhi* ..looving you in both the outfits.. the idea of all white near the sea is breath taking .. and u pulled the look with Ur effortless charm..and look at you looking like the water baby in the second one.. love the colors and the whole thought behind these fots ..just gorgeous babe … kepp up the amazzzing workk.. LOVED IT ..have loads of more fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. You look lovely Rati.. *clap* Loved both the outfits *woot* especially the first one *whistle* you look pristine here *jai ho*

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