Types of Artificial Nails

artificial nailsFor me until few days ago, it was only plain artificial plastic nails, I never gave the material and composition and types of artificial nails a serious thought. So when I gotta know about some interesting things about artificial nails, I thought to share it with all the ladies on IMBB.

So here I go:

Types of Artificial Nails

Acrylic Nails

They are the most common and popular kinds of artificial nails. It is mandatory to glue them to the natural nail plate. They are made of polymer which is powdered acrylic product and monomer, which is liquid acrylic product. They are strong, thick and durable hence a lot of women prefer acrylic nails to any other types of artificial nails. They certainly do not cause any problem to your natural nail plate. These artificial nails can be used as a nail tip or a whole new nail lay over.

The only issue with the acrylic nails is their fixation and removal. Both must be done by a manicurist specifically since Acrylic nails can be a total turn off if not applied in a right way. Acrylic nails need a lot of care and maintenance. As your natural nails grow, acrylic nails need to be filled again. This has to be done every two to three weeks.

Gel nails

They are made from gelled acrylic. They are for women who need a natural look for their artificial nails. If you need the gel nails, the manicurist will possibly put the gel which is an amalgamation of polymers and monomers on your natural nail, and then cure and treat the gel under a complicated ultraviolet light. Gel nails are complete losers as compared to the acrylic ones. They are not strong, sturdy and durable at all. The only advantage of artificial gel nails over acrylic ones is that they need not be filled in regularly like the acrylic ones.

Gel nails can be further divided into two types:artificial nails
• The ones which use light
• The others which don’t

They can be undoubtedly shaped and customized as per your wish. Another drawback of the gel nails is that they cannot be removed easily. They need to grow for getting’em out which may damage your natural nails. Ouch!

Wrap Nails

These are a little complicated type of nails. They are usually glued with variedly cut silk, fiberglass, or linen. They look very natural as compared to the gel nails. The wrap nails are extremely smooth and thin which further proffers them the natural look. They are fortunately the softest but unfortunately the least durable ones.

Active women must stay away from this classification of nails, since they tend to break off easily. Amongst the wrap nails, fiberglass wrapped nails are the best.

Solar Nails

Did solar heaters and solar cookers come to your mind as soon as I said solar nails? Of course yes. No these nails do not grown with solar energy, or something of that sought. Solar nails are almost similar to acrylic nails. They look like beautifully manicured white or pink nails. Likely to the acrylic nails, solar nails also need to be filled in like in every three weeks.

Sculptured nails

Sculptured nails are applied on the natural nail plate, with fiberglass or acrylic gel. They are sculpted and lengthened over a foil or metal form for the desired length and shape. They are the most lasting types of artificial nails. The only draw back of these nails is that they need regular refilling for a natural look.

Porcelain nails

There’s not much difference between acrylic nails and the porcelain nails. They are made by a material like that of glass. They are most fragile and delicate as compared to acrylic nails. They are undoubtedly more expensive than the other assortment of nails.

Press-On Nails

These are the normal and handy types of nails, which are found easily in every drugstore or beauty shop. They can be fixed at home too. They only need to be glued to the natural nail plate. They are for the women who want everything at home and are too lazy to go to the parlor for getting the nails done.

So these were the different types of artificial nails. Hope this info helps you in picking your perfect nails.

Here’s a video on types of acrylic nails:

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  1. i am so tempted to do the nail art in the second pic 😛 😛
    I do Acrylic nails tips for others…..but I already have strong nails so I don’t need acrylic nails….also acrylic nails are hard and you can’t take them off easily..hv to grow them out too. And the smell is very irritating :sick:
    Gel nails are popular….but need UV lamp for curing them.
    I use acrylic powders to make roses and flowed for 3-D nail art only.
    Its very good post Zeeba :waytogo: ….very informative…. :yes:
    just an advice to our readers-all this extensions can be done only at special salons and not home. Or else you might damage your natural nail bed. :((

  2. ohh yes you are right…..its not much preferred here :)) :))
    And these are tad expensive in Nail salons….so its nice you introduced it here for others :-* :-*

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