Eyes: Different Eye Makeup Styles

natural eye makeup look
natural eye makeup look

Types of Eye Makeup Looks

This article comes from my ignorance. After months of seeing Rati do one eye makeup look after another, I actually decided to do some research and find out exactly how many types of eye makeup looks there were. I also wanted to find out if the females on IMBB were doing eye makeup looks with some plan in their heads or just as a random stuff they read/ saw somewhere. As for me, my list of eye makeup looks was very small. So I decided to make a category list of all the eye makeup looks. This is for you ladies!

Broadly speaking you can classify all the eye makeup looks into two types- those for daily wear and those for special occasions. The looks can also be classified as eye makeup looks which can be worn during the day and the eye makeup looks which can be worn during the evening. Eye makeup looks can also be classified by whether bright colors are used or dark colors are used. So here goes my list:. Natural Eye Makeup Look (daily wear)

Mostly used during the day. neutral colors, skin tone eye shadows, makeup done to a minimum characterizes this look. The aim is to have natural looking beautiful eyes without drawing attention to them.

2. Dramatic eye makeup look

To be used during the evening as it draws attention to the eyes. Used to make eyes the center of attention. Bold eyeliner, bold colors, rest of the makeup kept to a minimal. There are two looks in this category-

smoky eye makeup look
smoky eye makeup look
  • Smoky eye makeup look (daily wear)
  • Fantasy eyes makeup look (special occasions)- Dramatic eyes for parties, dances, photo shoots or other occasions. Can have celebrity eyes makeup, glitter makeup, cat eyes makeup (winged eyeliner) and more..
fantasy eye makeup looks
fantasy eye makeup looks

3. Emo makeup look (Special occasions)

In Emo (a musical and fashion style) makeup, eyes are to be made the center of attention. Lots of eyeliner, dark eyeshadows, thick coats of dark mascara, pale and sunken faces with dark eye makeup. Rest of the makeup should be kept minimal. Remember that the look should convey the shy, sensitive and touchy feel.

emo eye makeup look
emo eye makeup look

4. Retro or Gothic Eye Makeup

pale skin, dark eye makeup and dark-colored lips. Keeping the face pale and the lips dark is the key.

gothic eye makeup looks
gothic eye makeup looks


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