Eyeliner: Different Types of Eyeliners

Eyeliners are probably the most popular makeup item used by women world over. They help in highlighting and defining the eyes. By doing so, the eyeliners enable us to downplay other facial features that are less attractive. Today the market is full of different brands, types and colours of eyeliners.


Types of eyeliners:

• Liquid eyeliners: They come in two different types of application tips:
1. Brush:  These eyeliners come in a bottle which has a brush applicator.
2. Felt or Pen: True to there name they are shaped like pen. They dry much faster than brush liquid liner and are much easy to use.
You need to have a very steady hand and patience if you want to apply them. Liquid liners are difficult to smudge. They have a more shiny finish as compared to pencil eyeliners. Because of the difficult application they are not recommended for beginners. They are great for dramatic makeup looks. To avoid eye infections replace your liquid liner every three to six months.


• Pencil eyeliners: As the name suggest these come in the shape of pencils. When choosing pencil eyeliner, look for cream eyeliner to ensure an easier application. These eyeliners are suitable for both top and bottom lash lines. Eye Kohl and Mechanical Twist Pencils are its two forms. Eye kohl pencils have a softer and creamier consistency than traditional pencil eyeliners. They are easier to blend and smudge. On the other hand Mechanical Twist Pencils are not as creamier as eye kohl pencils. You are also relieved from the pain of sharpening pencils again and again if you use these twist pencils. For better application of liners use little strokes instead of one long line. The pencil should preferably be sharpened prior to each use. These eyeliners last for about three years before there is a risk of infection. They come in waterproof forms too.


• Gel or Cream eyeliners: Gel liners are the newest forms of eyeliners available in the market. They come in a pot and you need a brush to apply them. They are thick, stays longer and are easy to use. Gel liners come in vide variety of shades. Since this liner takes a bit longer to dry, it is great for smudging along the lash line. One of the cons of these eyeliners is the storage, as prolonged storage without using would frost your cream liner.


• Glitter eyeliners: These eyeliners come in small tubes. You can apply it directly around the eyes to have a glossy and glimmer look.

Some tips:

• When selecting eyeliner, find one that glides smoothly, but still has a firm control.
• Choose eyeliners to complement your eye color.
• Avoid too much liner, as it will easily look unnatural.
• For a more natural look use your eye shadows as liners. But, do not use it on the lower lash line because firstly, it won’t stick and secondly, it will really irritate your eyes a lot.
• When lining the top and bottom of your eye, make sure the lines do not meet at the corners, as it will make your eyes look smaller.

Which is your favourite eyeliner?

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