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Hi everyone, it’s been such a long time that i wrote an article here na?

I know,so a BIG hi to all of you all 😀 how’s the new year going ?

I am writing this article at 1.18 am midnight,was just staring at IMBB and I was wondering, why the hell am I not writing article for IMBB anymore?
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I am sort of sleepy, so you might read some hyper active or random crap here, so please do not mind. 🙂
Today i am going to be talking about different types of fringes/bangs that will suit your face.
So we basically have face shapes like-oval,round,square,heart shaped etc.
I am going to cover basic face shapes.

Fringes define your face and frame your face.But if you cannot maintain a fringe, do not get it.
For ladies, who are always in a hurry and who have curly hair like me , a fringe is a big NO NO!
If you have naturally straight hair and do have to style it at all,you can go ahead!:D

Lets start with oval face:


You girls know that , any kind of fringes will suit you.Trust me!Get a straight across fringes, or side bangs.Anything will suit you.
Haha,i know you girls must have got a huge ego boost by now.
We don’t really have to talk much about girls with oval face shapes.

So here comes the round face,

ROund Face
THAT ,if you have a round face it doesn’t mean,you’re chubby , it’s just that your face is round.
There are so many celebrities with round faces who aren’t chubby.
The main secret behind getting the right fringes for round face is to cover your cheeks.
In order to do that, get long fringes up till your cheeks, covering them.
Make sure that you do not get really short fringes that expose one side of your cheek.
The fringe should be texturized and uneven.Blunt fringes do not suit your face shape. You can also offset a round face with a choppy fringe that adds different lengths and angles.

Heart shaped face:

Heart Face
A shorter, wispy fringe is low-key but will look gorgeous, especially if your hair is quite thick.

The fringe should be full enough to cover part of the forehead to reduce the length. Avoid strong, blunt fringes.

All you need to do is avoid a heavy slab of fringe that will make your face into a triangle. A softer fringe will help. Try a soft fringe too for a high forehead, or try a very heavy fringe that starts quite a way back and is ‘V’ – shaped, with the point of the ‘V’ in the centre of your forehead.

Square shaped faces have such defined jawlines.

Square Face

Make sure you make these jawlines look more feminine. 🙂
So get a fringe that is layered and that falls on your jawline,so that it gives a softer look.Always get a layered haircut and it should also frame your jaws and should give a softer feel to it. Another good look that adds some softness is a textured fringe, as it can add length to your face.

So these are the basic face shapes I covered.
If you have any questions, do let me know 😀

Take care 😉

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24 thoughts on “Types of Fringes / Bangs for Different Face Shapes

      1. To find your face shape, go in front of the mirror.
        Do not smile.
        Put all your hair behind.
        stare at your face .
        Trust me you will know :jiggy1:
        I know it.s sort of weird though hahaa

  1. good one gia! u know, every article i read says anything suits oval shapes… and yet, i find some styles more flattering than others! mystery mystery…??

    1. I forgot to mention that, as i was too sleepy 😛
      Yes, it also depends on your personal opinions and your choices 😀
      Not all of us can have a perfect anda shaped oval face.
      Some people come under the hybrid variety
      Like square + oval hahha :toothygrin:

  2. hello, i have roundish oval shape.. u know i’ve gone fat in last year so a bit roundish face otherwise oval shape ..and super straight and silky hair…want a new cut soon ‘ve plain u-shape haircut plz suggest something. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:

    1. Hi prachi.
      If you’re looking for some extreme makeover
      Then go for choppy layers on the crown
      And less hair at the bottom.
      So it will look almost like an asian mullet- but more subtle 😀 ,This hairstyle is best for roundish oval face.I come under that category too.When i had rebonded my hair a few years back,obviously my hair was straight, so i had got this haircut done to balance out my face.Make sure your fringe reaches your cheek area and shouldnt be blunt. :toothygrin:

  3. I sort of disagree with the heart shaped face. I cut to blunt fringes / bangs the other day and it looks pretty good as long as it’s right above your eye. Otherwise, if it’s any shorter or any type of other bangs, it’d look pretty bad.

  4. Hi, I’m thinking on getting my hair cut soon. I have a round shaped face and thick strawberry blonde hair and I really want to get a fringe even though my mum says it’s not gonna suit me, I still want one. I really want a side fringe sorta thing but I’m not sure what sort of fringe will look best help??? xoxo :struggle: 🙁 :waaa:

  5. Hi, I had rebonded my hair last week, they are of waist length now :happydance:
    I have a chubby-round face with broad forehead. I want to cover it and try to make my face look slimmer than before , though i like my chubby cheeks :silly:
    As I want to go for a style that covers my forehead , kindly suggest me with what types of bangs i should go with. Waiting for your Reply.

  6. Hi, my face is more of an inverted triangle and I was thinking about gettin strait across bangs but my hair is quite thin and wiry will having bangs be to much of a hassle or can you suggest anyother type of fringe style please and thank you 😉

    1. I have searched it many times and what I found is like, side swept bangs, Bob cut, long layered hairs and simple no bangs with straight or layered long hairs… But I love see through bangs so I just wanna ask that see through bangs will suit on diamond face or not?

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