9 Types of Leather Jackets You’ll Love Having in Your Closet

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Winter chills are all set to freeze you and the best way to fight back is by looking hot! Nothing can make your winter OOTD more bold and sexy than a beautiful leather jacket. A good leather jacket helps you create a unique style statement. It looks great during the day as well as nights. Jackets paired with denim pants and boots give you the perfect winter look. If you are planning to buy a leather jacket soon, go through this post to know about the options you have. It will help you to choose the best ones for yourself. So, scroll down to explore the world of leather jackets!

Types of Leather Jackets You'll Love Having in Your Closet

Classic Leather Jacket

basic black leather jacket

A classic leather jacket can never go wrong. It is generally the biker’s jacket or the moto jackets. They are black or brown in colour. They have the easy fit and multiple zips. They can be collarless or have a big mandarin collar. It is the best accessory to add a dose of boldness to your regular outfits. You can pair it with your T-shirt, dress or shirt and the looks will turn out perfectly every single time.

Colored Leather Jacket

colorful leather jacket

If you are not satisfied with the usual black or brown jackets, try a statement piece in red or blue. The color looks vibrant and is great to perk up the mood on a dull winter day. The colored ones can be used to create color-blocked looks or you can keep the rest of the look simple, keeping the focus on the jacket. You can wear them to picnics during the daytime or for the night parties. A colored jacket can be styled in multiple ways and can easily become your winter staple.

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Neutral Leather Jacket

nude leather jacket

If you love something super sophisticated, a nude or white leather jacket can be your perfect choice. This piece goes well with everything! It looks super classy and you can easily wear this piece to your workplace. If you are wearing a colorful pant or skirt, this jacket can balance out the look in a perfect manner.

Fur Collared Leather Jacket

leather jacket with fur

If you love some extra dose of drama, this is the one you need. It comes with a furry collar. This looks very fashionable and gives a makeover to your usual winter staple. The fur can have a natural nude color or some vibrant shade. Some jackets have a detachable fur collar and you can attach it when you want your regular jacket to look different.

Animal Printed Leather Jacket

animal print leather jacket

You can unleash your wild side with an animal printed jacket. These jackets are not made of animal leather these days but dyed and printed. You can pick a python print jacket or a tiger print one. The print adds some dimension to your monotone jackets and makes you stand out in the crowd.

Statement Leather Jacket

statement leather jacket

Give a message to the world with your statement jacket. It can be an embroidered jacket, a graphic printed one or something with a quote or message on it. These jackets carry your message and thus reflect your personality. You can grab something from the store or buy a monotone jacket and get it printed or embroidered by a designer. You can stitch pieces of your old favorite outfits to a jacket to keep the memories alive. There are multiple other ideas that you can try and your jacket will be a unique piece that no one else owns.

Studded Leather Jacket

studded leather jacket

Wear your studded jacket to the wedding party and you can skip the ornaments all together. The studs can be of stone or metal. Metallic studs go very well with leather products. These jackets look really different from the regular monotone jackets. One of these classy pieces is a must if you love attending events in winters.

Cropped Leather Jacket

cropped leather jacket

A cropped jacket is a great modification of the classic leather jackets. It goes well with T-shirts, dresses and other crop tops. You can put it on our regular t-shirt to create a layered look or over a crop top to show off your toned abs.

Long Leather Jacket

Long Leather Jacket

A long leather jacket is like a trench coat and compliments tall, slim body really well. It goes well with a pair of denims and a T-shirt. You can also put this on your saree and other ethnic pieces. It looks very feminine and provides some extra dose of warmth.

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