Types of Neckline

Types of Neckline

‘V’ Neckline


V shape can be from front or from back.

For Whom V Neckline Will Work?

o Ladies with oval face shape.
o Works for ladies with medium bust line.
o The V neck line makes the round body shape thin.
o A deep V-neck will make your wide shoulders look narrow.
o Suits apple and banana body types.

For Whom V Neckline Won’t Work?

o Does not work for ladies with heavy or very small bust line.
o Girls having long face should also avoid wearing V necks, as it could make your face look longer.

Halter Neckline:


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This type of neckline covers the neck from the back and have deep arm holes. The line lope by the side of the upper body to the backside of the neck in various styles.

For Whom Halter Neckline Will Work?

o It is finest fit for normal to small busted ladies. So that you’re well maintained arm looks more beautiful.
o Best for pear shaped body types

For Whom Halter Neckline Won’t Work?

o Big bust line, heavy arms, broad shoulders can face difficulty in wearing such type of neckline, as it will show off heavy areas of your body.

Off-Shoulder Neckline:


It starts down from the arms and covers the arm part. This kind of neckline makes the collar bone look more beautiful.

For Whom Off-Shoulder Neckline Will Work:

o Pear-shaped body people can wear it
o Those who have a broad chest.

For Whom Off-Shoulder Neckline Won’t Work?

o Broad shoulders
o Fat arms.

Scoop Neckline


This neckline is ‘U’ shaped only, but much deeper than regular ‘U’ shape.

For Whom Scoop Neckline Will Work?

o It looks nice on everyone.
o It creates an impression of a bigger bust line.
o Suits pear-shaped body type.

For Whom Scoop Neckline Won’t Work?

o Very very thin people should stay away from it.

Sweetheart Neckline


This is a heart-shaped design of the neckline, makes you look sexier.

For Whom Sweetheart Neckline Will Work?

For everyone.

Boat/Bateau Neckline


For Whom Boat/Bateau Will Work?

o Small bust ladies

For Whom Boat/Bateau Won’t Work?

o Heavy bust ladies.

Square Neckline


For Whom Square Neckline Will Work?

o Suits everyone.
o Square could be large or small as per your wish.
o Suits well to the pear-shaped body type people.

For Whom Square Neckline Will Not Work?

o Those with square body or face shouldn’t try such neckline.

Turtle Neckline

Turtle Neck

For Whom Turtle Neckline Will Work?

o Narrow shoulder ladies can wear such neckline

For Whom Turtle Neckline Won’t Work?

o Ladies with heavy busts should avoid.

One-Shoulder Neckline


For Whom One-Shoulder Neckline Will Work?

o Narrow-shouldered girls could add charm to their beauty by wearing such a neckline.

For Whom One-Shouldered Neckline Will Not Work?

o Ladies with bulky arms should probably avoid wearing such dresses

Round Neckline

Round Neck

For Whom Round Neckline Will Work?

Small bust line ladies

For Whom Round Neckline Will Not Work?

Ladies with heavy bust lines.

Mock Wrap Neckline


The anarkaly type’s suits are the best example for the mock wrap neckline. This neckline comes from behind, surrounds the neck and ends at the waist.

For Whom Mock Wrap Neckline Will Work?

o Although it gives every body type a very fancy and stylish look, but especially to those with heavy busts.

Crew Neckline


This neckline is lofty, in a circle, and bunged all around the neck. It is collarless and fits tightly at the support of the neckline.

For Whom Crew Neckline Will Work?

o Ladies with short necks.

For Whom Crew Neckline Won’t Work?

o Heavy bust line, square body, round face, the people on heavy side should not take a chance of wearing such types of necklines.

Cowl Neckline


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  1. I love the V and U next lines. Cant never wear turtle necks. I feels I am being strangled. : So suffocating. Phewww!!! :yikes:

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  4. i love the cowl neck and the V. these work best on me..I must add that cowl neck works great for women with a slightly bigger bust and slightly broad hips. Also with a cowl neck, the rest of the material falls really well making the body look slimmer.

  5. Damn useful article! I have been wanting to know the different types of necklines, since a very long time and it’s great to have this info here! thank you so much for all the illustrations!

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  6. I m in :love: wid V , turtle n sweetheart necklines they suit me best othr r ok :smug: square is a :nonono: :nonono: fr me small shoulders so drss keep falling :secret2: :thanks: :thanks: fr sharing

    1. …I like V necks cse they suit me best. :D….square neck toh… :nono: I look like some odd zombie.
      My least favourite is turtle necks. I see them in the store and… :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2:

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