Types of Outfits To Wear On a Holiday in India: Ask IMBB

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Rafaela asks:

I’m Rafaela, from Brazil. I’m a make-up and fashion lover and I found your blog when I was researching about India, which I found a very interesting country. What happens is that I’m probably going to India in July and I’m not sure about what to wear there. My boyfriend is living in Bangalore and I’m going to spend 2 weeks there with him, he said it’s always very warm, but I don’t know if my Brazilian-tropical outfits are appropriate and well accepted by your culture. Can you help me with that?


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  1. Hi Rafaela, welcome to India and have a great time holidaying here. I would say wear whatever you want according to your comfort level and confidence. India is a liberal country and there are no restrictions on the way a person dresses and nobody dictates anyone’s dressing etiquette. However, since you are coming to Bangalore, which is cosmopolitan city, it is easy to move around jeans, skirts, and just about any kind of outfit. Since there are no beaches in Bangalore, you won’t be able to sport bikni; however, if you plan to go to Goa, you can wear bikni there too, absolutely no problem 🙂

  2. Hi Rafaela ….Welcome to b’lore..
    I am from b’lore and today its raining heavily……..now a days climate is pleasant …
    You can wear anything here …as Jomol said its a cosmopolitan city,people wear jeans, leggings, jeggings, skirts etc etc….

  3. Ola Rafa… Tudo Bem ? Eu Sou menina Indiana, mas mora aqui em Sao Paulo desde quase 8 anos. Para qualquer informaçoes voce pode contato mim no Facebook ou pode perguntar aqui mesmo. Boa Sorte 🙂

  4. Hi Rafaela,
    Welcome to india…. like jomol said there is no protocol per se for casual wears in high end metros like bangalore, you can wear jeans, skirts, jumpsuits ..and while you are at it.. ask your boyfriend to get you some ethnic indian wears … you are gonna love them … try fabindia or global desi stores 🙂 🙂 . . .
    i hope you have an awesome trip 🙂 . . .

  5. hello rafaela!!! welcome to india and imbb!!! hope your trip is fun…do tell us about it!!!
    with india’s changing attitude its not difficult to adjust here with all sort of outfits….you can wear whatever you want here…specially ’cause you will be in a metro city!!!

    if you want you can try salwar kameez and saree for fun!! they are traditional indian outfits!! you can add a bindi on your forehead too….its such a chic think 😛 😛
    a lot of sarees now a days come fitted and stitched so that one can wear them very very easily!!!
    jeans, skirts, wraps, shorts, pants, shirts, kurtis, tops….whatever you want to wear will do…

    hmmm….if you are visiting some religious places though…temples etc….try to dress conservatively there….carry a stole with you with comes in handy if one wants to cover one’s head in religious places…i do that too 😛

    i hope you love all different sort of craft work, material and styles found in india in terms of clothes 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Rafaela, I think a good rule is no shorts, no tank top/singlet, and no exposing thighs! Anything else is pretty good. Jeans, long skirts, t-shirts, long loose shirts will be comfortable in the heat, and as this is what most younger girls wear, you will fit in. Hope you have a great time!

    1. why not? Bangalore is a metro city. feel free to wear anything that you can carry off elegantly. Just make sure the place/occassion is right 🙂 And yes, a stole/scarf is a must, will come to rescue in case you realize you are not dressed right for the occasion..

      like ckg said, just make sure you are dressed well (covered up) when visiting any religious place. Have a good time 🙂

  7. heyllo and welcome to our country.Y

    ou’ve pretty much gotten a fair idea of what works but as an added precuation I would suggest that you carry a stole/scarf wth you just incase you are planning on wearing deep necks. Not only will it help to cover up incase you dont see the others dressed up like that but it will also help with the sun and rain. you dont have to cover your head unless you are visiting some religious place and they have explicitly mentioned that your head needs to be covered 🙂

    and cottons/linens are great for summers..

    have a great time and do let us know how you enjoyed. we’d love to hear back..

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