6 Types of Shoes to Wear with a Long Dress

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I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve not written an article on IMBB for a long time but it’s always good to start afresh. Today, I’ll be listing down a few types of shoes that can be paired with long dresses. It’s extremely easy to find the right kind of shoes to pair with short dresses, as all kind of shoes complement short dresses. But when it comes to long dresses, I’m sure everyone has a hard time to choose the perfect pair of shoes. Therefore, I’ve listed down a few types of shoes that look ravishing on long casual dresses, maxi dresses and long gowns. I hope this article helps you out in evaluating the perfect pair of shoes to complement your long dress.

Flat Sandals

woman feet on grass in flat summer sandals lean on pillows hat lay on legs

If one wants to be comfortable in what they’re wearing, the flat sandal is the perfect shoes to opt for. Flats can be worn with long maxi dresses and would look amazing with a casual maxi dress and even with an evening long dress. While wearing a long dress, it’s better to avoid flip-flops as they tend to spoil the look. Flat sandals such as slip ons, ballet shoes, T–strap sandals and strappy sandals would complement your long dress and look extremely versatile.


Fashionably dressed woman posing in boots, high-heeled gladiators in short black dress

Gladiators are one of my favourite types of shoes. Ankle length gladiators look amazing on maxi dresses as well as with long dresses. If your long dress/maxi dress has a slit, these pair of shoes would perfectly complement your dress. A slit maxi dress along with a pair of gladiators would look amazing and complete the look.


Pink open wedge shoe outdoor

Wedges are perfect for women who want comfort and, at the same time, want to look taller. Wedges are one of the most comfortable types of heels and they look amazing with long dresses, including maxi dresses. They are a great alternative to stilettos. One can opt for strappy wedges or peep toe wedges.

Ankle Length Boots

A girl's legs wearing black boots with high heel is seen getting out of a car on the street

Ankle length boots look amazing with long dresses but one must be careful while choosing the right pair of boots to complement the dress. A pair of black ankle length boots would complement most maxi dresses as well as other types of long length dresses. Ankle length boots can be especially worn during the winter season as that’s the perfect time to pair our long dresses with ankle length boots. If your dress has a slit, then you can definitely opt for knee length boots. A pair of boots looks perfect with strappy, flared long maxi dresses.


hand knotted laces white sneakers on nature

Sneakers are the perfect pair of shoes to be worn with any casual dress. They complement casual maxi dresses just perfect. One can pair a maxi dress with either black or white sneaker. To complement the look, one can also wear a cropped jacket.


woman holding pink stiletto heels on the beach walking in white dress

Stilettos are the perfect pair of shoes to be worn along with any kind of dress. Stilettos complement all kind of dresses, but they look elegant when paired up with a long dress or a long gown. Stilettos can be paired up with any stylish gown or a long dress. Stilettos can be paired up with any kind of long formal dresses as well. They are perfect for all occasions.

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