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Hello IMBBites
This is my first review ever.
This is an ubtan which is specially used for new-borns. Most mothers secretly wish that their new born babies should be fair. I myself came across this situation when my sister-in-law gave birth to her child. She was dark and; had quite a lot of hair on her face and; body. My sister-in-law got worried that when her baby grows up, she‘ll have to undergo waxing, laser etc. for her skin colour as well as the hair. But the TAI (masseur) that we hired for her massage really helped us. She made a very special ubtan which not only changed the colour of the baby but also got rid of the body and facial hair.
This ubtan is very simple to prepare and the ingredients are readily available in the market.
The ingredients are as follows(for about 1kg ubtan – You will need that much quantity to last for 3 months so that the results are visible):
1) Masoor dal powder (1/2 kg)
2) Kapur-kachri powder(250 grams)
(This will be available at any shop that stocks ayurvedic stuff like the ones at pydhonie in Mumbai.)
3) AmbaHaldi powder(250 grams)
4) Sandalwood powder (100 grams)
(This also will be available at any ayurvedic store.)
4) Pure Almond Oil
This also will be available at any oil shops at pydhonie or one can take their own almonds & get the oil removed.
Mix well all the powders (masoor dal, kapurkachri, ambahaldi& sandal) in a big vessel. After mixing store this powder in an air-tight container.

1) Take about 2 tbsp. of powder in a bowl.


Powder, Almond Oil & Milk cream
2) Mix ubtan powder, almond oil & milk cream.


3) The consistency of the paste should not be very runny.


Here are the before after photos:
1st Month:



lovely baby

1) Its 100% natural and safe.
2) It’s highly effective.
3) Can be used by elders also for acne scars & pigmentation.

1) This ubtan might slightly give a burning sensation on the skin to new born babies because of their delicate & sensitive skin. So it is best used after 15 days of birth. Initially don’t rub it vigorously. Once the baby gets used to the massage, you can start rubbing harder.
2) This ubtan gives a yellowish look to the skin which can be overcome by using soap after washing of the ubtan.

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39 thoughts on “Ubtan For Babies

  1. nice review………….Masoor da ubtan really works on hairy skin of baby …..but changed the colour of the baby ?:) O:) O:)

    1. I think she meant that after loosing those facial hair…the skin looked fair and clean…skin looks dark because of facial hair na…so the grownups do bleaching…n masoor dal i have heard is homemade natural way of waxing…though u wud need patience for that!! O:) O:)

      1. kapurkachri is kind of herbs……….english name :Resurrection lily, Aromatic Ginger, lesser galangal, Sand ginger :clap:

  2. Usually infants are born with hair all over the body especially face (lanugo)but it falls off after a few weeks being born. Its quite common among new borns. Moreover , colour if a baby is difficult to makeout when they are born. The actual color shows after a few month. My sis was born very dark but she is on the fair side as well as m niece who was born fair is on duskier side.

    1. I entirely agree with Manisha, this ubtan is very good for hair removal and ya temporary fairness, but when babies are born, they look very pink or brown due to Brown fat presnt in them , within months, brown fats are gradually displaced by yellow or white fat and the real colour comes, so if you use ubtan or not, baby will look like this as in second pic!

  3. I have a 1 year old so I can say from experience that a baby’s color and hair growth is already predetermined from birth. All thsi cannot be altered using these remedies – these are nothign but old wives tales. The intial hair seen on babies usually falls off in a coupel fo months and teh complexion also keeps changing (excatly what Manisha said). Please do not make babies undergo this kind of scrubbing…babies are beautiful as they are and the Indian fascination for fair skin should not put them thorugh unnecessary torture. Their skin is too sensitive and fragile to handle all this. Also, one cannot trust the purity of items that one gets in the ayurvedic shops. Who knows what rubbish they sell in teh name of ayurveda?
    The difference in complexion in the pics can be seen in any baby with or without this ubtan.

    1. You are so right Nidhi, agree agree agree with u…what is the mad run for fair babies yar? Skin colour and body hair are hereditary and governed by other factors and not governed by UBTANS….Pls spare the babies these inconsiderate scrubbings, they need a lot of love, lot of care, lot of encouragement, breastmilk and a great diet later on and then you see how your baby grows and glows….Ladies, as informed and smart women of today, stop ubtans for babies!

  4. nice post dimpi but do doctors suggest such ubtan masaaage for the new borns ?:) ?:) ?:) my son too had hair on his arms but with just normal baby oil massage they got removed within 2-3 months… :haanji: :haanji:
    c my son was born very fair but turned dark within 5 days.. i too started using the milk cream+saffron on him & he bcame fair again.. but i think a kid changes his color after birth.. real color can be judged only after a few months.. :yes: :yes:

  5. nice article dimpi…but scrubbing…aawwww
    my baby was born pink but later turned dark..now shes 1.5 yrs old n her face is wheatish n other body parts specially her legs are very dark…i apply kasturi manjal with milk n besan but her complexion is not improving…
    @nids: how u use milk cream n saffron…plz let me knw…

    1. hi rupa… just take fresh milk cream(malai).. put 2 pieces of saffron in it (get a box frm market-130/- around i got it) n mix.. after a few minutes, saffron will start leaving its color in it.. u can apply this on ur baby like a paste, wait for 2-3 minutes n then scruub tht paste off.. dont wash off initially .. scrub it off.. tht removes the dirt & hair n makes the skin fairer..i used to do this b4 bathing him so after tht the malai smell will not bother u later…no side effects, nothing.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

      1. my mom recommneds malai but im happy with the way my baby girl is!
        i dint know ppl use malai for baby boys as well

        1. its not neha.. sumtimes doc stops u frm using soaps even on the baby’s face.. then this is the best alternative or v can also use kaccha milk in place of malai.. :waytogo: :waytogo:

  6. No offence meant to the article poster, but I wouldn’t advise any Ubtans for babies at all. I remember when my baby was born, he looked way darker than what he looks now. Babies have been swimming in all the amniotic fluid for 9 months, so obviously their skin is shriveled up and murky, and hairy. All this clears in a month or two, with or without an Ubtan or oil .. All kinds of flours on skin (however fine they might have been milled might be harsh for a newborn’s skin) are best avoided. Just give the baby a nice lukewarm (not hot) water bath using a very mild cleanser and that should work for tender skin. Why let the beautiful babies undergo the torture of scrubbing just to give parents the mental satisfaction of getting a fairer baby?.. a baby cannot become fairer or darker.. same as the fair and lovely face cream cannot make you fairer than you are.. just my 2 cents..

  7. my daughter was pinky white when born but now she is just fair
    no prob we love her complexion n the way she is
    im gonna use this nevertheless for pampering her
    she is 6 months plus :toothygrin:

    1. neha even my daughter was born white with a rosy complexion and red lips, we just could’nt stop looking at her, but within a fortnight she turned darker, i have never applied any ubtan on her, she’s 2 and pretty fair today. It takes a couple of months for the complexion to come out. As u said love my daughter as she is…….!

  8. I am a pediatrician. No offence to your article dimpi but I suggest that please don’t use any ubtan for your baby for at least 6 months age. Baby’s skin is very delicate & can’t tolerate such things. It may give your baby allergic rashes and red burning skin. And rubbing hard is out of question.Babies are meant to be born with body hair. Don’t worry about that. Even if you do nothing those hair will vanish slowly(3 months to 1 year). Baby’s color is determined by genes and amount of melanin present in skin. So no ubtan can change the color. As baby grows and put on weight skin will become slightly lighter. Please don’t torture your baby for your wish to have fair baby.

  9. No one said this…I am surprised, but the baby is so cute!!!!! The smile so infectious….

    Anyway, my bacchhe log are grown up now……I used only Baby products….baby oil, baby soap, baby shampo, baby cream for them. Both of my babies were born with less body hair and even if some was there, it was super light and super smooth. They should be for protection right? otherwise why would they be there? And they shed off through the years.

    I dont beleive in insulting old wives tales and old traditions…..but at first baby products were not available, hence special ubtans were made……home-made remedies are good as long as there is no harm to the skin……babies love massage and the feel of warm fingers and then they drift off to deep sleep….so lovely.

    almond oil, haldi, saffron…whats wrong in those ingredients?

  10. oil massage is different thing and rubbing ubtan is different. This is like using scrub on your baby.Even if you sieve this powder, it is harsh for babies skin.

  11. That’s such a cute baby!
    Also, I was born pretty dark, with a lot of hair. And now I’m so pale that fake tanners are being considered (without any ubtan used, ever). This looks like a good alternative to harsh soaps though. 🙂

  12. I’ve been a silent reader (and a huge fan) of IMBB for months now but I can’t help writing a comment regarding this post. Firstly, that’s a lovely baby! Even in the “before” picture, I didn’t see anything wrong with the child’s complexion and all that I noticed was how cute she looked. Newborn infants are supposed to look shrivelled up, and dark-ish but all that body hair and brown skin sheds off within a few months. I have seen it with my cousin’s kid who was a dark baby with lots of body hair. Her parents were just relieved at having a healthy baby after 10 years of marriage and numerous miscarriages. Today, she’s six, has a lovely peaches-and-cream complexion and a smooth, hairless skin – all without any maniacal scrubbing of her body to make her look “desirable” when she grows up.

    Also, no offence to the writer but I don’t think every mother “secretly wishes to have a fair baby”. Why is fair complexion such a big deal anyway? I’m fairer than average and it’s done nothing special in my life except for my crazy aunts insinuating that I will marry well (which is not exactly the top priority right now). My kid brother was a gorgeous infant with very fair skin, big eyes and rosy cheeks. You couldn’t stop gushing at his lovely looks and his curly hair. He’s 15 today and has grown up to be more good looking than any other kid in the family. He is also autistic. He doesn’t talk, keeps his distance from people and is not like other kids. I’m sure my mother would easily swap his good looks for a normal life for him. For a mother, fairness or beauty aren’t the most desirable things in her baby. Health and happiness are.

    With this overly long comment, I don’t mean to offend the writer or anyone else and nor do I want to trash old wives’ remedies. I just believe that there’s no need to pummel children with our own skewed ideas of “beauty” the moment they’re born. They need to grow up without feeling that they’d have better lives if they were better looking or simply two shades lighter.

    1. Couldn’t agree with u more 🙂 I personally think it’s sad that even babies have to be taught subconsciously, in a way, that u have to be fair to be beautiful. When is India going to realize that girls can be beautiful no matter what skin colour they are.

  13. hI…everybody….i read everybodys opinions out here…ya i do agree…not all mothers wish for a fair baby..but wHat they do wish for is…a flawless complexion for their babies. This is where the ubtan helps. And as far as the scrubbing part is concerned we have been using gram flour for that purpose even for babies since ages. So the question of the babies undergoing so much torture does not arise. And for the purity of the products available in ayurvedic shops is concerned..I ask u all whether the creams/lotions/soaps etc.. that are being used for babies are chemical free? then why so much fuss over the purity of the products available out there. The other option is get the products as a whole & then dry them in the sun & gring them in the grinder. this will ensure that they are 100% pure & safe & natural.
    If the notion that one is born with a particular colour holds so true then why do people go in for everything that is whitening..fairness cream, fairness facewash, fairness lotions, scrubs,etc….
    What I simply suggested was to homemade ubtan to avoid all these chemicals in the future…so guys its better to start early then pay later.
    And babies are so designed that they cannot tolerate even a little bit of discomfort..so if they wnt like a thing they will send the signal by crying….(but then sme babies cry even they are massaged or bathed…does that mean that they should not be bathed or massaged)
    And obviously one more thing…one should look out for signs if a baby is allergic to massor dal or gram dal…because some babies are…& they will be allergic to them whole of their life..disrespect of the age..my sister is one of them….she gets rashes the moment she applies an ubtan made of any dal.

  14. I have been doing a lot of research on this and came across this page. when both my kids were born they both had lot’s of hair….which i saw go away after few months. So i was not worried at the fact because that baby hair goes away. and at that young of an age i wouldn’t do anything to get ride of the hair coz anything that i will do will hurt the baby and there just too young for this. but when they get older like 3 or 4 years of age then yes u should do something for the hair. I’m not concerned about complexion at all even if both my kids were a little darker i would have no problem with that. but i do sure have a problem with too much hair on legs and arms. me as a girl myself have suffered from lot’s of hair on my arms and legs which at the age of 27 still bugs me and i do really wish my mother had scrubbed me with something as a child so i would have less to no hair. so i wouldn’t have to go through waxing, shaving, or laser. so i really would like for my daughter to grow up and thank me for scrubbing her with ubtan at the age of 3 and up so her hair on the legs and arms get lighter or vanish, so she doesn’t have to do all the stuff like waxing and shaving all the time…coz we all know as a girl we have to remove the hair, no girl i know wants to look like a bear. so i would say use ubtan for unwanted hair but do it around the age of 3 and it’s less painful compare to waxing. i know so many mothers who get their 4 year old’s legs and arms waxed, now that is painful to the poor kid. at least ubtan wont hurt and have better results. honestly natural home remedies are the best for hair removal, skin care and hair care or even for coughs and colds. no harm in it what so ever. mothers know better what will and will not harm the baby and i’m sure there was no harm to the baby as u can all see baby is healthy and smiling so don’t worry it does not hurt. and i agree with the perdition who said do this at the age of 6 months and up.
    Happy Scrubbing :yahoo:

  15. Hi,
    My twins are 6 now…my girl is very fair and boy is quite dark…no I have no use worrying about the complexions…however now that they go out swimming, both of them are getting darker than their normal skin colour(especially during summers)…also my son develops rashes quite often. I just worry it should not have any permanent impact on their skin. Can these ubtans be useful for them now?

  16. when my baby is born she is so fair and pink ..after two day when she was crying her face and body look radish ,after 4/5 days she look darker .now she is 2 months old she look not like first day .lots of people said don’t worry baby color will change after some month .i don’t know but her complexion looks dull now .my husband have fair complexion and my self not so fair but not dark .that’s why we worry how she look like dark .

  17. when my baby was born her colour is very fair.but now her colour dull specially her leg and hand .and her skin is very dry.she is six years old. so what can i use her skin .

  18. I think posts that promote fairness or the appeal of getting fairer skin should not be encouraged.
    All babies are beautiful irrespective of the skin colour, why dont we take for example african american babies and their parents who are so proud of their skin colour?
    These ubtans will tempt mothers to try out these homemade packs on the tender skin of their babies which is not right.. skin colour is genetic and whatever the parents/or grand parents skin colour is more or less the baby will have the same complexion no matter what you try to do that will be the true skin colour of your child

  19. I use same ubtan . For scrubbing effect i add brown rice flour 500 gms and for supple and soft skin sesame seed powder 100gms.

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