Ulric De Varens Chic Issime Eau De Parfum Review

Ulric De Varens Chic Issime Eau De Parfum

This perfume is composed of white flowers which have the particularity to leave an enchanting trail of divine fragrance. It is composed of musk and white amber. It has vaporous tea roses that kick the base of the scent to produce an elegant fragrance.


INR 800

Ulric De Varens Chic Issime Eau De Parfum

I saw Ritka’s review on the pears and rose variant of this parfum, I own the chic issime one, and this has musk and white amber, I thought why not share this one too. They have three variants I believe and the third one is the gold one with floral bouquet notes, ylang, jasmine, rose and violet. I am now keen to try the other two as well.Ulric De Varens Chic Issime Eau De Parfum (2)

Shelf Life:

36 months.

I am in a very serious perfume phase, I like citrus crisp clean scents and more of a day and evening wear but not those heavy woody and spicy ones, I hate them, I dont mind if they stay less but they have to be clean and crisp scents, this one is just that, the parfum looks sparkly and the cute pink bottle is superb too, it stays less but is very clean, not heavy and it is a very fresh scent.

I bought it online and got a little discount but if you want to sniff and chose between the three versions, check them at Shopper’s Stop, and choose what you like, I think all the three will be same crisp..The bottle is peculiar too, and I never knew the full form of the abbreviation mentioned.But I am sure I have seen around more than 1000 times 😛

Ulric De Varens Chic Issime Eau De Parfum (3)

Again this one is clean and it smells a little fruity in the beginning and then it settles to more musk but the sad part is that it stays barely for an hour on me, it feels more like an EDt than a parfum but still I dont mind spraying it often.Note i sprayed a lot of times, and still it barely stays, and the liquid is hardly used up too, but I think you will feel the need to spray on and on and hence it might not last you so long.

It looks so sparkling and pink and does not cause any sensitivity on the skin at all, and does not stain the clothes either. I recommend this for the day and office wear too.

IMBB Rating:


If you like crisp, and subtle musky and fruity scents,that will never give you a head ache but wont last that long either, check this one out. I really want to try this one Ritika reviewed as well.

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12 thoughts on “Ulric De Varens Chic Issime Eau De Parfum Review

  1. Me tooo Love fruity fragrances 🙂 but i hate reapplying them often. I face this issue with most of the fragrances that i like… I purchase them thinking it might be ‘The ONE’ and then all the excitement dies with the low staying power 🙁 *headbang* *pan*

  2. Love the fruity fragrances Neha di *happy dance* they give headache to some but thank god not me *happydance* *happydance* I have always loved UDV *pompom* *pompom* they have good affordable fragrances na *hifive* *hifive* the bottle looks good in pink *hihi*

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