Ulta 5-In-1 Color Collection Chic Review Part 2

Ulta 5-In-1 Color Collection Chic Review Part 2

Ulta 5-In-1 Color Collection Chic Review Part 2

Do check out Part 1 of this review about this gorgeous Ulta gift set which has 50 eyeshadows, 6 cheek colors, 6 eyeliners, 2 lip glosses; all which come in a “Chic” white beautiful case.  Here, I will review the eyeshadows in detail.  The eye shadows are obviously the best part of this set. 50 beautiful and very different colors are present. Pretty much all shades (except for the ones marked with an asterix *) are available in the full size of Ulta’s website or stores. I’m not sure if the ones not found on the website are out of stock or discontinued, but maybe one could still find them in Ulta stores. Maximum of the colors are described on the website as shimmery, but only a few are truly, full-on sparkly, shimmery.

Most of these I would say are satin finish and not shimmer, but Ulta describes them as shimmer. I noted their website description beside each shade. I hope the swatches can help you see that they are mostly satin finish and very few have actual shimmer in them.

Fall out has not been an issue at all. Matte and dark colors always have some fall out and same is the case here, but nothing unusual.  The blendability and smoothness of these colors is admirable. The satiny colors are almost creamy while applying and blending. The staying-on power of these colors has generally been good but it is different for individual shades. This was my first experience with using Ulta shades and I really like them.  I am going to make a note of my absolute favourite shades and when I run out of them, I will be delighted to get the full-sized versions! Kudos to Ulta for not including some random shades in a gift set and providing colors from their permanent line.

The following are the details of the 5 different palettes:

Natural Eye:

ULTA (15)

Rose Dusk and Toast are the highlights if this palette.  I find myself reaching for them almost every time I want to create a brown eye look. Absolutely wonderful for daily wear.  I would have to repurchase them soon at the rate I am using them. This palette has the following 10 shades plus cheek colors:

ULTA (16)

  • Calla Lily – Satin.
  • Truffle – Satin.
  • Bermuda Sand – Satin.
  • Camel – Matte.
  • Rose Dusk – Satin.
  • Mystical – Satin.
  • Toast – Satin.
  • Mink – Satin.
  • Silk – Satin.
  • In the Buff – Satin.
  • Cheek Color: Flush.

ULTA (17)

Soft and Pretty:

ULTA (18)

Some colors are a bit too soft but nonetheless a great palette for days when you need just a hint of color and nothing to eye catching. The shade “Elegance” is the best in here for me; softest grey-ish nude color without being too dull. It is a very unique color.  This palette has the following 10 shades plus cheek color:

ULTA (19)

• Sandstone – Satin.
• Eggplant – Matte.
• Organza – Satin.
• Sweet – Satin.
• Zephyr – Matte-Satin.
• Plum Smoke – Satin.
• Tiara – Satin.
• Twilight – Satin.
• Pearl – Satin.
• Elegance – Elegance.
• Cheek Color: Adore.


Totally Matte:

ULTA (21)

The green and brown in the middle don’t look matte in the image because they are duo-chrome, with gold as its second “chrome.” I have not seen many duo-chrome matte colors and these 2 are just gorgeous, especially the green one. Sable is a great color to have for some with an NC40 shade as it matches perfectly to my skin and is great to buff out colors or on the brow bone.

This palette has the following 10 shades plus cheek color:

ULTA (22)

• Yogurt – Matte
• Wild Heart – Matte *
• Milk Chocolate – Matte
• Au Naturel – Matte
• Aubergine – Matte *
• Gold Dust – Matte
• Hunter – Matte *
• Sable – Matte
• Naked – Matte
• Bone – Matte
• Cheek Color – Girlie

ULTA (23)

Soft Pop:

ULTA (24)

This is perhaps my favourite palette because of the duo-chrome nature of the top 8 colors. I’m a sucker for anything duo-chrome! Another interesting fact about this palette is that the top row is the lighter version of the corresponding second row. That comes so handy when creating a gradient effect on the eyes.

This palette has the following 10 shades plus cheek color:

ULTA (25)

• Key West – Satin
• Sunburst – Satin
• Sage – Satin
• Moonbeam – Satin
• Deep Sea – Shimmer
• Sunkissed – Glitter*
• Verdigris – Shimmer
• Peacock – Shimmer
• Aztec Gold – Shimmer
• Silk – Shimmer
• Cheek Color – Afterglow.

ULTA (26)

Smokey Eye:

ULTA (27)

As the name says, a true delight for smokey eye lovers. I only wish that the black should have been more pigmented, like a true black but it is a touch too sheer for a true smokey effect. Nevertheless, this would be my second favourite collection of colors. Even the last 2 eye shades here are gorgeous for highlighting the brow.

This palette has the following 10 shades plus cheek color:

ULTA (28)

• Sterling – Satin
• Granite – Satin
• Sin City – Glitter
• Glittering Sand – Glitter
• Sapphire – Satin
• Plum Noir – Satin
• Glamazon – Satin
• Molten – Glitter
• Iceland – Satin
• Platinum – Satin
• Cheek Color: Sweet Cheeks

ULTA (29)

My favourite shades from all 50 currently are (with no.s corresponding to the same on the following image:

ULTA (30)

1. Molten
2. Platinum
3. Sapphire
4. Plum Noir
5. Glamazon
6. In the Buff
7. Naked
8. Hunter
9. Verdigris
10. Rose Dusk
11. Toast
12. Sunburst
13. Sage
14. Sunkissed
15. Elegance
16. Key West
17. Deep Sea

Pros of Ulta 5-In-1 Color Collection Chic:

  • Affordable.
  • Variety of colors: 50 shades of different eyeshadows from Ulta’s permanent line, 5 beautiful albeit similar Cheek Colors, 6 creamy, vibrant Eye Liners, 2 decent Lip Glosses.
  • The very pretty box.
  • It would make a perfect gift.
  • The quality of the products is amazing.
  • Decent quantity of products provided, these are not your typical sample sizes.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so I’m hoping the images provided here have mentioned more “pros” than I can manage to write! Trust me ladies, I know, I am very blessed to receive this as a gift!

Cons of Ulta 5-In-1 Color Collection Chic:

  • Availability in India.
  • Individual products provided may have some cons that I have pointed out above, but over all I’d say the box is a  winner!

Do I Recommend Ulta 5-In-1 Color Collection Chic?

Yes, to anyone who wants to sample loads of Ulta products at a brilliant price or anyone who is looking for that perfect gift for a makeup-aholic. 😀

Will I Repurchase Ulta 5-In-1 Color Collection Chic?

Yes – to the full sizes of some of the colors that I have fallen in love with.

IMBB Rating:


God bless my aunt who thought of gifting me this superb, cute chic makeup box. For a diehard makeup fanatic like me, this is perfection.  Everytime I look at the pretty box and the superb quality of colors, I feel like breaking into a happy dance 😀  At just $20, if you can get your hands on it, then go for it, everyone will surely find multiple colors they will love!

I hope you liked knowing about this and happy Makeuping!

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