Ulta Eyeliner Treasure Chest Review

By Atika Anjum

There is a saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what comes after diamonds??? Of course, it is the eyeliner/kohl without which no girl can survive (ask Kareena Kapoor if you don’t believe me). A swipe of eyeliner can brighten your dull face and make your mornings easy to survive. When you don’t want to make up or cake up, a simple kohl eyed look and a pink lip-gloss can do wonders.

Ulta Eyeliner Treasure Chest

I am a total eyeliner junkie, there are days when I just go to any drug store or my favorite Ulta store and pick as many eyeliners I can (my favorite in black is Karaja (Italian brand) blackest black Kohl – I just swear by it). So, on my last trip to US, when I walked into ULTA, I spotted literally a treasure of eyeliners – ULTA Eyeliner Treasure Chest.

Now, according to ULTA, the treasure chest houses their best-selling eyeliners under one roof. It was retailing at only $14 which is a real steal deal for 10 eyeliners (do the math and it is only $1.4 per eyeliner). Although the name of the product is a treasure chest, it comes in a magnetic jewelry box type packaging. The packaging is cute and pink in color, it has a peek-a-boo opening in front which shows all the colors inside.

Ulta Eyeliner Treasure Chest

Now, coming to the original pencil, the look and feel of the eyeliner pencil is very cheap (like the ones that you get in unbranded, big, all-in-one makeup boxes).

The eyeliners glide smoothly and are protected by a plastic cap. The plethora of colors includes whites, golds, blacks, silvers, browns, turquoise etc. The night sky shade is the only one in the box that has shimmer or shine in it. All other shades are matte.

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Ulta Eyeliner Treasure Chest

Now although the eyeliners glide smoothly and are a bit creamy, they are not pigmented enough. Those who like dark and pigmented eyeliners, will be disappointed by these. The light colored eyeliners are good for highlighting the lower water line for that anime effect. These eyeliners can also be used over normal eyeliner for subtle effect. The turquoise eyeliner really pops out amongst its counterparts.

Ulta Eyeliner Treasure Chest

Pros of Ulta Eyeliner Treasure Chest:

  • Ten eyeliners retail at only $14, which is really cheap and affordable.
  • The jewelry box type packaging is great and keeps all the eyeliners in place.
  • The light eyeliners like white, silver and golden are great to use on the water line.
  • The light eyeliners can also be used as a base on the eyelids.

Cons of Ulta Eyeliner Treasure Chest:

  • The pencils look and feel really cheap.
  • They are not pigmented enough.
  • The black is not the blackest.
  • They easily smudge and do not last long.
  • They are not very creamy and require a bit effort.

Final Verdict:
I love eyeliners, but these don’t quite match up to my standards. I used it on my waterline and it smudged and did not last long. I used it as eyeliner but they were not dark enough.

IMBB Rating:
Overall, I give them a rating of 2/5.

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