Ulta Lip Gloss Review

ULTA Lip gloss review

There are lip balm girls, there are lipstick girls, there are lip gloss girls and then there is me! I love all lip products and collect balms, lipsticks and glosses a lot more than eye makeup. The reason is simple. Eye makeup is a lot tougher to do and takes lots of time and practice to perfect. With lip products, you can hardly go wrong! With a little practice you can colour lips perfectly in a darkened room or rushing into a meeting without breaking your step. I am reminded of this friend of my mothers who used to go on evening walks with her. One day, they stopped at a pani puri stall and feasted on them. (Oh, how I miss the Mumbai pani puri!!! Delhi gol gappa’s are good, but I still miss the ragda filled pani puri of Mumbai) Anyway, coming back to the incident. As expected, her lipstick vanished after eating it. After they resumed the walk, she asked mum if her lipstick was still there. Mum said no. She pulled out her lipstick from her purse and applied it. On the road, walking, without a mirror. When she was done, she turned to mum and asked her if it was ok. Mum was a bit surprised. The application was perfect. Not a spot out of place. I doubt anyone can so that with eye shadow or eye liner. If anyone can, do let me know. I want to bow down to her.
So, I recently began to expand my lip collection. Will talk about that some other time. But, I also looked at my existing arsenal and found these little gems.


Ladies, meet the ULTA lip glosses in Ribbon Red and Mischief.

Mischief is a brown with red undertones and multi coloured shimmer particles.

ulta mischeif
ulta mischeif

Ribbon Red, as the name says is red with gold shimmer. It is not a true red however. It veers toward maroon.

ribbon red
ribbon red

Swatches without flash. Ribbon Red (L) and Mischief (R)

swatches without flash
swatches without flash

Swatches with flash. Ribbon Red (L) and Mischief (R)

ulta with flash
ulta with flash

The Good –

1. The glosses are very well pigmented and can be used on their own. I have never worn them over a lipstick so I have no idea how they behave with them. But looking at the pigmentation, the lip colour would hardly show.
2. The shimmer is very fine and does not fall off. Nor does it transfer to Kuhu’s cheeks when I kiss her. Hey hang on; did you take that to mean the product does not transfer? It does, just like a normal lipstick, but the shimmer does not stick on to her like many other products.
3. The gloss is very sticky. If you look at the open tub, you will realize that the consistency is very think, almost balm like. It is not creamy like a balm though. It feels like a sticky molten lipstick. And that ladies, is the reason for its longevity. If I do not eat or drink anything, this gloss lasts me for almost 5 hours. It fades, sure. But the colour and shine are there.
4. The transparent packaging makes it very easy to locate the shades in my vanity. The packaging is sturdy and can be carried in your bag easily without the fear of breaking or opening.

The Bad –

1. Eating or drinking while you have this on creates a white layer on the lip. I have noticed this with a lot of balms and lipsticks and still do not know how to combat it. I have to wipe and reapply. When I wipe, a clear tint is left behind on the lips. This disappears only with a makeup remover.
2. The gloss does not come off with water or face wash. This is a con in my book because I prefer to wash my makeup off instead of wiping it with a remover.
3. Hygiene. The standard issue with any product in a tub.
4. ULTA is not available in India. I have used quite a few products from their gift set (a 157 piece delight!) and found the quality to be quite good. I wish they would launch in India.

The Ugly –

1. You just cannot apply this without a brush. I have tried my finger (sanitized, of course) and found it too sticky to be used that way. A lot of product sticks to the fingers and needs to be wiped with a makeup remover. With a Q-tip, I get very little colour payoff. Although the brush offers a good even application, it is a pain to carry everywhere and do touch ups.
2. No ingredient list on the case. This was part of a gift set so all it says on the packaging is the name of the product, the shade and where it was manufactured. Not even the expiry date!
Overall, I found this a decent gloss. Not something I reach for very often though. It is good for times I need instant glam. Mischief looks super nice on me but ribbon red does not. Maroon reds look horrible on me so I cheat with it. I use it as a cream blush . The shimmer is not over the top and the one time I wore it for the evening out, I had a nice blush of colour throughout.

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43 thoughts on “Ulta Lip Gloss Review

  1. you know you are right about the lip products. Women literally hoard lip products. Even during recession the sales of lipsticks didnt go down., they rather went up ( if I am not wrong) . 😛 I personally love lip products apart from blushes. I think these two are my most fav things in makeup. 😀

    I love the packaging of these lip glosses but i never ever end up using the potted products. 🙁 I like wands and bullets. :tongue:

    1. yeah. i remember reading somewhere that lipsticks are the highest selling lip products. the packaging on these is a pain… i do wish i had this is a bottle with a brush…

      on another note, how about a my lipstick collection post rati?

  2. I once saw a girl applying eye liner in mumbai local train without a mirror! :jaiho: and to my surprise the application was perfect as if she was professional! :preen: I was so taken that i even remember asking her how she got such perfect finish in running train and it was simple answer from her side..practice! :whistle:
    Nice review Anks :waytogo:

  3. Hey Anks 🙂 I think even I have the same. It has many eyeshadows, lip glosses, some eye and lip liner( eye liners are bad :yuck:) right?
    Even I got it as a gift set from my brother 🙂
    Eye shadows and the burshes provided are of good quality 🙂 🙂

  4. luved reading ur post anks :clap: :clap: .. cant say much about the product coz i am not tht keen wid glosses :nono: .already hav a lot which needs to be cleared first. :haanji: :haanji: the incident narrated in the beginning was too cute..yeah.. u cant find a lady who can apply a eye liner so quickly without seeing in the mirror.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    1. thank you nidhi…. 🙂

      parita found one… read her comment upar… but such talent is rare…. which is ur fav gloss from ur collection?

  5. wow… nice packaging and the colors look good to…. the only thing is you have to carry a lip brush along….. nice review Anks 🙂

  6. awwwwwwww………the way you have written it…..he he he…….its sooooooooooo cool!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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