10 Ultimate Dos and Dont’s of Dark Eye Makeup

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Dark eye makeup looks extremely sexy and sultry but achieving the perfect look isn’t always a cake walk. If you too love dark eye makeup, here are the ultimate dos and don’ts you should not miss.


⦁ Blend, blend and blend

Blending is the key to a great eye makeup look – bold or subtle. This will eliminate any harsh lines and make the entire look soft and polished. So, take a bit of product, apply it and then blend it well. You may layer up more product as and when needed but make sure everything is well blended. This will help you create flawless makeup looks.

⦁ Consider your skin tone

Dark eye makeup looks great on all skin tones. But still make sure you choose the colors as per your skin tone. For instance, browns and blacks look stunning on darker skin tones and fairer skin tones can easily rock blues and greys. Hence, pick your shades accordingly.

⦁ Apply eye primer

An eye primer will bring the best in your eye makeup. If you are using multiple colours then an eye primer will help them set and thus bring out the best. It will also help you achieve a smooth base for makeup and you’ll be able to blend your makeup well. Also, it goes without saying, it will make your makeup last super long. A good option? NYX Proof It! Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer!

⦁ Always carry some makeup wipes

Dark makeup might get easily messed up, especially if you have oily eyelids. So, always keep makeup remover wipes handy for emergencies. Just use a wipe and gently remove any mess created even if you’re outdoor. Since dark eye makeup looks – especially the smokey ones – take a little effort you cannot always recreate them when on-the-go. Hence, just grab a wipe and remove excess product whenever you feel the need.

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⦁ Make your eyes look awake

Dark eye makeup can easily make your eyes appear small, tired or puffy. Hence, always aim to create a wide-awake look. Opt for nude eye pencils for your water line and stick to just a thin layer of eyeliner on the upper eyelid for a bright-eyed and wide-awake look. Also, do not apply a dark eyeliner too close to your eyes if they are small.


⦁ Overdo shimmer

If you are doing a dark eye makeup look then stick to matte eyeshadows or satiny ones. If you must use shimmer, limit its usage. Dark shimmery eye makeup looks way too dramatic and most girls are never able to carry it.

⦁ Apply too much eyeliner

Dark eye makeup is all about eyeshadow and blending. It’s not about the eyeliner. Thus, either skip your eyeliner or go for just a thin line. Instead of applying a proper eyeliner you can just tightline your eyes.

⦁ Skip the concealer

This is very important. Dark eye makeup will come out beautifully only when your entire face looks great. You cannot carry a dark eye makeup look with dark circles under your eyes. So, make sure you conceal your dark circles well with a corrector and highlight the eye area with a highlighting concealer.

⦁ Wear a bright lip colour

Dark eye makeup is a statement in itself and you don’t have to pair it with bright, bold lips. Until and unless you’re very sure about carrying a bold lip look with bold eye makeup, don’t opt for it. Use subtle, nude, neutral shades with dark eye makeup to look your best.

⦁ Pile on heavy makeup

It is always a good idea to keep your base makeup subtle and fresh with dark or bold eye makeup. Too much of bronzers, highlighters or blushes will create an overall odd look and take attention away from your beautiful eyes.

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