Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Your Fashionista Friend!

Hi ladies,
We all love gifts. Don’t we? When it is holiday time, it becomes really difficult to choose gifts for your loved ones. If you know a fashionista, apart from you of course, then the list below has you covered. The list will give you enough ideas and you can also pass this on to your partners to guide them on what you want this holiday season.

gift guide

1. Makeup box subscription
subsription box

Oh yes, you can gift them and aren’t they ideal for a girl who loves makeup. There are so many options available nowadays like Fab Bag, MSM Box, My Envy Box, Sugar box or Lady Raga. You can choose the subscription months and your fashionista friend will love you for this.

2. The custom-designed jewelry
custom designed pendant

These delicate kinds of necklaces are soft and sweet and can totally make your look. You can get one custom made in whatever word or phrase your friend or partner likes.

3. The statement clutch
We all know the importance of the statement clutches. They go with so many of our outfits and complete them. From the quirky ones to the smart, formal kinds, choices are endless!

4. Gorgeous metal belt
Oh we all need belts to give our waists a bit more definition and when that belt is a metal belt, it is like icing on the cake. A metal belt is so versatile and necessary to amp up the look of any drab outfit.

5. Gift sets
Gifts packs come in different packaging, sizes to suit your various needs and budget. Various brands offer great gifting options!

6. Groovy sunglasses
Sunglasses have the power to instantly turn a girl into a glamorous diva and vintage sunglasses are even better. If you can’t think of any other gift option, then just go for sunglasses!

7. The ultimate nail art
nailpaint box

Do you have a friend who is crazy about nailfies and nail art? Go for different nail paint sets offered by different brands. You can gift nail art kits too.

8. A snazzy body chain neckpiece
There are plenty of them in the market these days as they are such a rage! They come in various unique shapes, designs and patterns and can add just the right amount of drama to even the simplest of a tee.

9. The versatile scarf

A scarf that goes with everything! What else can your friend ask for? A scarf can be worn in different ways and will look absolutely trendy.

10. Celeb fragrances
So many celebrities have come up with their own signature perfumes. If your fashionista friend loves luxury scents, then it could be an ideal gift option for her.

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