Umberto Giannini Salon Straight Blow Dry Cream Review

Umberto Giannini Salon Straight Blow Dry Cream

Umberto Giannini Sleek and Chic Blow Dry Cream contains Vitamin B5 to help give … the most brittle locks smooth and sleek control, leaving hair poker straight.


I forgot but I think it is close to 8 GBP.

Umberto Giannini Salon Straight Blow Dry Cream

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Before I had permanent straightening done, I always looked for products that would help me straighten hair with a strong blow dry, which will also soften hair in the process and give me lasting results on days when I don’t have time to use a flat iron, I would toss my hair down and use a paddle brush after applying these products and then stretch hair straight and make them decently presentable, this gives me volume as well when you toss the hair back. So I has picked up this blow dry cream from the Boots U.K. and had used it but forgot to review it, now that my hair are outgrowing the straightening process they underwent, I need to blow dry the roots of the hair with some cream that aids in the process, hence I took it out again but let us see how it works below..
My hair type is dry and wavy.

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The cream comes in a huge tube with a consistency between runny and thick, it is fine but I end up using a lot on the hair hoping it would work like a serum, that it turn weighs down my hair and also does not really work to soften or detangle hair like a serum, so be careful use a small coin sized amount for shoulder length hair like mine, hence use it on damp hair after towel drying, then detangle gently or else brush your hair while blow drying directly. Directly apply this evenly onto damp hair and then blow dry. Do not expect serum like softness or shine, let me come to the part of what it does to the texture.

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The hair do get a little soft but only for a day, it does not help hair detangle hair, or add shine, in fact it makes my hair very dry looking I don’t know why, my hair are so used a few drops of serum since so many years that only adding this cream does not help, somehow it does an above average job at straightening hair I would say it is 3/5 I think the blow dryer does most of the job, it may be lessens my job by ¼ and nothing more. I am not happy it does not really help smoothen or soften hair which it should have.

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The results last no doubt, three days or till you shampoo but it does make hair greasy, since obviously you are adding some thing on to the strands, somehow I would say you get the most out of it only for a day, you need a good blow dry for it to work, it is an above average product. You might definitely need to add some serum for shine.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 It will work better on softer hair.

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