Unconventional Things That Your Everyday Products Can Do!

By Moomal Panwar

Hello girls!

We use many products to make our life simple. We always use things the way they are meant to, but what if I tell you that the simple things you use everyday can put to some uses that you never imagined were possible with them? Surprised? Got shoe bite or clothes stained by makeup – these plus more problems can be solved by using these everyday products. So, why don’t we all go through this article which might change your perspective towards simple things in life!

Everyday products can do

Roll On Deo

We use this product everyday to get rid of bad body odor, but wait! What if I tell you that this can be used to get rid of shoe bites or painful heels? Yesss! You can apply this simple product on the edges of your new shoes and tadaaaa! No more shoe bites and your shoes will smell good too.


Unconventional Things That Your Everyday Products Can Do!2

This product is loved by every woman in the world and you must be thinking what else can be done with this. But, wait! Did your blush get over just before a party? No worries as lipstick can be easily used in its place on cheeks to get the same look. Use one stroke of lipstick on your cheek, smudge it or dab it with your fingers gently and you are all set to rock the party!


Razors give us smooth skin by removing those nasty and unwanted hair. Already this is too much out of a simple razor, but no! Its uses can be extended. After washing your clothes 3 or 4 times, you must have noticed small fibers popping out of it making your new dress look really old. But now, you can get rid of it by using a razor. Just place the cloth on a flat area and start moving your razor gently over those fibres and welcome your dress back into its new form.

Flat Iron

Unconventional Things That Your Everyday Products Can Do!3

This machine has done wonders for all women out there at some point in their lives. More wonders can be done out of it! If your normal clothing iron ditches you at the last moment, don’t panic! Just use your flat iron in its place and you are all set to wear that crisp shirt for your office. It comes in very handy and useful during travels too.

Hair Conditioner

Yes! This product makes our hair silky and smooth and there is no doubt about it. But, it can also be used to make our legs and hands super smooth. Shocked? 😛 Yes, you can use this while shaving your legs and hands. It not only makes the shaving process easier, but you don’t need any lotion to slather on your skin after shaving. Two uses in one and that makes us happy!

Shaving Cream

Unconventional Things That Your Everyday Products Can Do!

Ever wondered how this can be used apart from shaving? Then think of it as your superman when you have spoiled your dress with a makeup product. This powerful product when applied to stains has the tendency to remove them within minutes. Just take a small amount on your hand and rub it on the stain and wash with water.

Nail Paint Remover

This product not only removes the nail paint effectively but also the marks created by permanent marker from the hand. Just put small amount of it on cotton and use it same way as on nails. The job is done within seconds!


Unconventional Things That Your Everyday Products Can Do!1

Did I really read mouthwash??? And, if your reaction is this, please reset your mind and yes it can used to make those bruises turn invisible. Bruises might take more time to heal, but applying cotton dipped in mouthwash (having alcohol) over it makes it less visible. Not only it makes it less visible, but can turn that black and blue area normal in just two days.

I bet you didn’t know these simple products could do wonders in such unconventional ways and I hope you will find this post helpful. So, go ahead and discover more and do comment if you find any new uses!

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