Uneven Skin Near Lips and Eyes: Ask IMBB

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Sadia Sharmin asks:


I am from Bangaladesh. My skin is getting dark and uneven near my lips and beside the eyes. Can you give me some suggestions on how to get rid of that?

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8 thoughts on “Uneven Skin Near Lips and Eyes: Ask IMBB

  1. This seems like you have hyperpigmentation around mouth area..its very common among females and happens due to sun damage or use of harsh products like bleach on the skin which causes burning of skin..i too have the same issue..always apply a sunblock when stepping out of house and try applying vit c serum on the areas around mouth..it has helped lot of girls with hyperpigmentation..if not visit derma and get chemical peels done..hope this helped 🙂

  2. You can try Clearz from Dr.Reddys. Also apply Leamon Juice mixed with malai. You may not see immediate results but it works wonders for pigmented skin. Always use a sunscreen.

  3. apply fresh lemon juice.. only lemon juice on a clear face(or around ur lips only).. u’ll get lil stinging sensation.. bt thats completely bearable…and for the area around eyes.. apply olive oil at night.. both are tried n tested.. follow this regularly for 21 days.. and then … tada.!!.. u’ll be extremely amazed at the results.. 🙂

  4. even I have the same problem.avoid harsh face washes.apply olive oil,that is the best for this problem.but to avoid dark under eyes u need good sleep.apply some night cream(ponds age miracle,shanaz) on the specific area or papaya paste.all d best

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