29 Unexpected Benefits of Losing Weight Healthy Way

Whether you want to lose weight to fit into skinny jeans, to get into shape before marriage, or because the doctor has asked you to alleviate the symptoms of PCOD, there are numerous benefits of weight loss than the regular benefits you can think of. When you have worked hard to get there and get to your healthy weight, you would realize that the benefits of losing weight is more than just fitting into old jeans and not getting mocked by negative people – weight loss has a positive affect on mental health, physical health, and even affects social life. Also, once you read about these unexpected benefits of losing weight, you would hardly bounce back to your earlier weight. So, read about them all here:

Unexpected Benefits of Losing Weight Healthy Way

1. You would not snore anymore: Snoring is quite common in overweight people and it’s because of fat deposits around the neck area, and the good news is that, even with a drop of 5% body weight, you would stop snoring!
2. Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: You lost weight because you shunted out refined carbs, sugar, and junk food from your diet and additionally, you have been exercising. There’s no reason type 2 diabetes would come knocking on your door now.
3. Improved cholesterol level: Since there’s no harmful transfat now and you are eating healthy, your cholesterol levels will obviously fall into normal levels.
4. Decreased risk of Cancer: Cancer is caused by heightened inflammation in the body caused by high sugar, transfat, refined carbs, high alcohol levels and to lose weight, you would need to reign in all these factors, which means decreased inflammation. This low inflammation will also lowers risk of cancer.
5. Boosts Confidence: Let’s admit it, when you are overweight – there’s a dent in your confidence level and once you shed those extra pounds, that dent gets automatically repaired with high levels of confidence.
6. You get to sleep better: Good sleep and weight loss are both interconnected and directly proportional. If you sleep for 8 hours straight every night, you would lose weight and if you have lost weight, you would sleep better. This is how it can happen – Sleeping for only 4 or 5 hours per night triggers the production of ghrelin (hunger hormone) and lowers the levels of leptin (fullness hormone). Also, people who sleep for 8 hours lose more fat without losing “precious” muscle. Having a sound sleep also boosts metabolism and lowers the production of stress hormone. So, sleep your way to weight loss instead of binging on Netflix and spending hours on social media which would disturb circadian rhythm, making it difficult for you to fall asleep peacefully.
7. Amazing stamina: The amazing levels of stamina and endurance that shedding weight can bring about will give you the energy to take on the whole world.
8. Positive body image: Overweight people often suffer from negative body image or rather they are judged negatively by people. Once you reach your goal weight, you are not only physically healthy, you feel good about the body that you are living in now.
9. No more joint pains: You now weigh much less and your legs wouldn’t have to carry all those excess weight, so knee pain and joint pains are things of past now.
10. Less Mood Swings: Did we say, with renewed energy and confidence comes improved mood too? Feel less irritable now? That’s because weight loss improves gut health which directly impacts your mood – read all about how your digestive system is directly connected to your brain in this post.
11. Less seasonal allergies: Here’s a lesser known fact, excess weight puts pressure on adrenal glands and also the respiratory system, leading to one frequently contracting allergies – once the strain has been reduced, there are lesser chances of allergic symptoms now.
12. To get an amazing makeover: Losing weight will not only make you trim, it is the best way to have an image makeover – with a new wardrobe, better physical health, nothing can change you as much as weight loss can.
13. Improves memory: Certain studies have revealed that brain scans done on women who have lost weight, more activity was seen with forming memories and less activity during memory recall.
14. You will sweat less: Embarrassed about sweaty armpits? They would not be visible when you lose even as little as 10 percent of your body weight because with low weight, thyroid hormones would dip, making one sweat less.
15. People will start paying you compliments: If you haven’t already noticed, lose a little more weight, and people would compliment you more often.
16. Your Skin would Glow: Eating all those nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, and getting rid of sugar has given you a radiant complexion, have you noticed? Also, your body and skin is now naturally detoxified.
17. You will find reasons to workout and exercise: In the initial days, when you are trying to lose weight, exercise may seem like a painful thing to do, but as you see the pounds and weight dropping off, it would be an activity you would love to do the most. In fact, you would find more reasons to put on those running shoes because you are now a self-confessed “fitness freak.”
18. Strong Immune System: As mentioned above, improved gut health because of weight loss directly means strong immunity.
19. You would not be hungry all the time: Since you are eating healthy all day now with high protein and high fiber food, and less of junk food and sugary delights (which make you hungry all the time), you would be surprised to see that you do not feel hungry all the time.
20. Save loads of money: You would be surprised to see how much money is in your wallet because you are not ordering food from outside that much, also grocery trips are not anymore about expensive processed food in your cart, and of course, less money spent on medical care and medicines now.
21. Less amount on skincare and hair fall treatments: Nutrient-rich food, vitamins and minerals through healthy eating will give you glowing skin and reduce hair fall.
22. You will get rid of jealous and negative people around you: Probably one of the best outcomes of weight loss – you would get rid of negative people around you, people who are now jealous and do not want to be seen with you anymore!
23. Food will taste much better: You will be startled but it’s a fact that one can exhaust your taste buds with overuse and excessive junk food consumption. Studies have revealed that obese people have comparatively less taste sensitivity and that’s why reach out for sugar-rich and high sodium food. That means, if you had hated brinjal when you were overnight, chances are high that it can become your favorite sabji.
24. Better clothing options: No more looking for clothes in plus size section or XXL categories. You can now wear whatever you want and with much more confidence or self doubt.
25. You now know how to cook: Earlier you couldn’t cook to save your life, but now, you know how to cook because you can whip up healthy meals in just 5 minutes and that’s because of Rati Beauty diet programs where you learn to cook delicious yet weight-loss friendly meals. Common, how difficult it is to make overnight rolled oats?
26. Correct a lot of hormonal issues: Thyroid, PCOD, the list is endless. Thyroid and PCOD are hormonal problems that sort themselves out with healthy eating. Losing weight steadies out hormones, studies have revealed.
27. Improves concentration: Now you are more focussed on your work because tasks are not tedious anymore.
28. Household chores wouldn’t be anymore: When one is overweight, simple household chores like cleaning and mopping can seem taxing, but not now, with the new-found energy, you have time and will power to do all chores easily.
29. People would ask you for weight loss advice: People now come directly to your for weight loss advice, and they are genuinely interested in what you have been doing.

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