Unique Uses of Hand Sanitizer

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I have been trying to know different uses of some products these days. We love to use a single product in multiple ways, right? We all know that the hand sanitizers are saviors and they are a must in our hand bags. Along with killing germs from our hands, they do work in some other ways too. Today, I will be sharing some unique and unknown uses of hand sanitizers.

Unique Uses of Hand Sanitizer2

1. To Clean Makeup Brushes

Unique Uses of Hand Sanitizer

As you guys know, we need to clean our makeup tools regularly. There is high chance of bacteria accumulation which might cause skin problems. You can use hand sanitizers for the cleaning of your makeup brushes regularly.

2. To Remove Makeup Stains from Clothes

Has your favorite dress got stained…by your own makeup? Just try and put hand sanitizer on the stains. It will fade or remove the stain completely, depending upon the potency of the stain.

3. To Cleaning Your Phone

Unique Uses of Hand Sanitizer1

So that it doesn’t get grease all over your face! Just like the makeup tools, our most important thing we use daily, Mobile phones, should be cleaned as well. If you don’t, the germs on the phone will cause skin allergies as the phone touches your ears and cheeks a lot. I use hand sanitizer to clean the phone screen regularly.

4. To Heal A Pimple

Hand sanitizers have antibacterial property. Hence, they can kill the bacteria causing pimple and can help with healing it too.

5. As An Emergency Deodorant

Unique Uses of Hand Sanitizer3

Ewww..!!?? Hehe well, it kills the bad odor of sweat and cleanses the skin. Hence, it acts as a deodorant. You could use one with a fragrance of your choice.

6. Glue Remover

Oops! That sticky glue from price tags or labels is irritating you? Hand sanitizers are there for the rescue. 😀 Yes, it can be used to remove the glue. Just squirt a bit of hand sanitizer on the adhesive and scrub gently with a brush or washcloth.

7. As A Hair Gel

Is your hair gel over? No worries! Hand sanitizer will do the job of hair gel to set your hair in place.

8. To Remove Nail Paint

Unique Uses of Hand Sanitizer6

Hand sanitizer can replace the nail paint remover. Yes, it does remove the nail paint quite well.

Hope you guys found these points useful. Love yourself!

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