22 Unique Ways to Suppress Appetite to Lose Weight

A bag of chips or a bar of chocolate are completely okay to have on a cheat day, but when you crave for these all through the day, your weight loss efforts will go for a toss. In fact, one of the main keys to weight loss, is to suppress the appetite. A majority of companies are minting money just out of selling “appetite-suppressant pills” as magic pills. But what if you could suppress your appetite naturally and without ingesting expensive and potentially harmful weight loss pills. We all have to admit it, when craving hits, it hits hard and it’s difficult to control the urge to bite into a bar of chocolate or a scoop of ice cream, but mindful eating, portion control, and maintaining calorie deficit are factors which would help you shed weight and burn fat and get you to the desired goal. In this post, we list out some unique ways to suppress appetite to lose weight, read on:

Unique Ways to Suppress Appetite to Lose Weight

1. Practicing yoga regularly will curb your appetite up to a great extent: Poses such as spinal twist, bridge pose, warrior pose, naukasana are some stretching exercises that regulate appetite and help curb cravings to a large extent. So, the next time you crave for sugary delights, find a yoga mat and practice these poses 😛

2. Eat a balanced Meal: Most of the times, cravings are a result of lack of nutrients and to make up for it, follow a healthy and wholesome diet that would help you remain in calorie deficit as well. Follow Rati Beauty weight loss diet programs to get the right nutrition and lose weight in the process.

3. Pinch your nose and earlobes: Acupressure seems to have a solution to curb appetite – as there are certain points on the body, such as the tip of your nose and the skin between earlobe and jaw, that when pinched help to curb cravings. Try pinching these points the next time you want to bite into a big bar of chocolate.

4. Drink apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before each meal: Apple cider vinegar improves digestion, regulates blood sugar level, and it lowers the level of “ghrelin,” which is also called as the hunger hormone. Apple cider vinegar also balances out blood sugar levels.

5. Eat from a blue plate: Avoid eating from red or orange plates because they tend to stimulate our appetite. Studies have revealed that blue is an appetite-suppressant color. Experts advice people who want to lose weight to eat from a blue plate to eat food out of because less food is eaten due to the nature of the color. Come to think of it, there are hardly one or two food items that are blue colored and that’s why they do not stimulate food-related activity in the brain. Our ancestors, when hunting for food, used to avoid black and blue colored food because they were usually poisonous. Since we first eat with our eyes, appearance of food triggers hormonal response and neurons are immediately set off in the hypothalamus region of the brain, which leads to hormonal release in the human body. That’s why most junk food is colorful in nature, to appeal our senses and to trigger our brains into wanting them.

6. Increase magnesium intake: Intense cravings for chocolate can be due to magnesium deficiency. Eat magnesium-rich food to boost magnesium in the deposits. Some examples of magnesium-rich food: Almonds, spinach, peanuts, quinoa, black beans, cashews, peanuts, etc.

7. Have you heard about Christmas Dinner Syndrome? Cook your own food because people who cook their own food tend to eat less than their guests. Also, when you cook yourself, you have total control of how much oil, salt etc., goes into the dishes.

8. Light vanilla-scented candles all around: Vanilla is a fragrance we all love, right? It’s a good idea to use vanilla-scented candles because it helps to curb cravings for sweet foods and drinks (studies have actually verified it).

9. Brush your teeth with a strong mint toothpaste: With its strong flavour, such a toothpaste will kill your craving almost instantly. Have you noticed how immediately after brushing, nothing tastes good, and with a mint toothpaste, everything will seem tasteless.

10. Chromium deficiency can make you crave for sugar: Get yourself checked for chromium deficiency, they are most commonly included in multivitamins that your doctor can prescribe.

11. Find ways to de-stress: Stress will lead to comfort eating and binging, so find ways to de-stress to take your mind off cravings.

12. Do not crash diet: Crash dieting will dip your metabolism and increase food cravings which would be hard to control. Choose the correct diet to lose weight, without compromising on nutrition.

13. Eat in bright light setting: In dim settings, we tend to shed inhibitions and indulge in cravings and binging. Eat in bright light and practice mindful eating.

14. Distract yourself with exercise: Cardio exercises can help to suppress your appetite, just like yoga.

15. Eat a protein-rich breakfast: Mix high fiber and protein foods in your meals so that there is no sharp spike in insulin levels and no slump right after. A slump would make you crave for sugary food and that’s why a high-fiber and protein diet will keep those spikes and slumps in control. Check out Rati Beauty diet programs to find how to eat high fiber and protein diet and what to eat.

16. Do not add artificial sweeteners: No, artificial sweeteners do not help with weight loss. Most of them cause cause sharp rise in insulin levels and a steeper drop, leaving you craving for sweet things.

18. Detach from Comfort eating: Comfort food is probably one of the main reasons why someone gains weight rapidly. People often turn to food rich in high fat, calorie dense, sugary delights to find comfort from the daily grind. Detach completely from food as a source of comfort to prevent piling up of pounds.

19. Get at least 7 hours of sleep: It wouldn’t make you hangry in the morning because good sleep supresses the hunger hormone ghrelin. When you have disturbed sleep at night or have slept less for 7 hours, you would have noticed that you woke up extremely hungry and are craving for high-fat and sugary foods. That’s because less sleep triggers the production of hunger hormone “ghrelin” which in fact raises the appetite. Get your 7 hours of sleep and you will wake up fresh without the appetite of a giant

20. Drink Loads of Water: When you are dehydrated, your brain starts sending the wrong signals and you might actually take consider those signals as hunger pangs. You might reach for junk food because of easy availability when in reality, you are just thirsty and need water. Drink water throughout the water, glass by glass, and see how your cravings drastically reduce

21. Eat lots of spinach: Research has revealed that people who included spinach in at least one meal were able to control their cravings for junk food.

22. Chew your food more: Yes, in fact, it’s a common habit of people who are slim. They tend to show restraint around sugary delights and usually savour every bite they take instead of gulping the food. So, by the third bite, they are usually satisfied and want to eat no more, so push the dessert plate away.

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