8 Unique Ways to Make a Breathtaking Bridal Entry

As wedding season is upon us in full swing, I decided to do a post on great entrance ideas for the Indian brides. Even though everyone’s eyes are on the bride all through the night, but still every bride wants a grand entrance in her wedding. Nowadays more and more to-be brides are opting for unique entrance ideas while some of them are happy with the clichés. Let’s find out about all of them in this post today!

Unique Ways to make a breathtaking bridal entry

1. The conventional entry

indian bridal entry
This is the age old bridal entry in which a chunaar or dupatta is held over the bride’s head as she walks through with her family members. You can get a sheet designed from different flowers instead of using the dupatta to add your own twist to it!

2. The chaadar with lights

You can get a customised chaadar made with lights all over it. This entrance idea is quite elegant. You can ask the person who is in charge of all the wedding venue lights to dim them when the bride is entering so that the entrance looks more impactful.

3. Carried away in a carriage

If your groom can have a grand entry on a horse, so can you. The only difference would be that you will be in a carriage drawn by at least 2 horses. Doesn’t that make for a great entry idea!

4. The chanting of mantras entry

A bride mostly makes an entrance when a song is being played in the background. Why not switch it up a little. You can make a goose bump raising entry when instead of the song, the Pandit Ji’s are chanting a shloka or mantra in unison.

5. The ramp entrance

Always wanted to walk on the ramp ever since you were a little girl? Why not fulfil that wish on your wedding day. You can get a raised ramp made for your entry decorated with anything from diyas, lanterns to flowers to make a grand entry like a model!

6. The Palki or Doli Entrance

indian bride on palki
In earlier times, queens and princesses were always escorted via palki or a doli. You can turn all eyeballs by doing the same. Your brothers and your cousins can escort you in a beautifully decorated palki or doli.

7. Dancing entrance

You are the one who doesn’t like to go by clichés then why not dance your way to the centre stage with your close friends and family members. This may seem unconventional but this is where the fun lies. Marriages are all about new beginnings and dance is great way to express your happiness.

8. A silhouette entrance

creative bridal entry idea
If your budget allows and if you would like an entry with the groom then you can also go for a dramatic silhouette entrance. All you need is a great wedding planner, right lights and a projection screen to create your silhouette for your guests to see. You guys can walk hand in hand or do a little dance before coming out of the screen.

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One thought on “8 Unique Ways to Make a Breathtaking Bridal Entry

  1. My entry was with the chanting of mantras. There were 7 pandits who chants the mantra when i was making my entry. It was an awesome experience for me and everyone. Purane jamane mei aisa hota tha aisa but my mother wants such entry which was very very beautiful. And i was married on 23 NOV 2015

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