5 Unrealistic Ways To Lose Weight That Probably Wont Work

In the hope to lose weight and push the needle down on the weighing scale quickly, a lot of people tend to adopt unrealistic ways that not only prove to be ineffective in the long run, they can jeopardize one’s health too. In a desire to change one’s body, they make drastic changes, most of them turn out to be inefficacious. The problem with following unrealistic ways is that they do not work in the long run and are not sustainable either. To lose weight and to maintain it, band-aid solutions like the kind mentioned below won’t probably work, particularly if you are trying to shed weight the healthy way.

5 Unrealistic Ways To Lose Weight That Probably Wont Work

1. Crash Dieting: Experts warn that extreme calorie restriction aka crash dieting can badly affect metabolic functions, weaken immune system, trigger hair fall, damage skin and decrease energy levels. Crash dieting can also impact body’s hormones in a negative way. Also, when the body is deprived of optimum amount of energy to run, it goes into a fat-conserving mode, and clings on to fat stores by lowering metabolism. New research has also revealed that crash dieting when done repeatedly can increase belly fat and high blood pressure. That’s why it’s extremely important to follow a healthy and nutritious diet that would keep you in calorie deficit as well so that one doesn’t have to starve to lose weight – check out the Rati Beauty diet for more details.

2. No Favorite Foods Allowed, Ever: Many of us dread to go on a diet because that would mean giving up on favorite foods forever. Though you should eat mindfully and pick nutrient-dense food consciously, there is no need to swear off “guilt food” for life; yes, you can have boxed Mac and cheese, pizza, French fries while dieting, but as cheat meals, once in a week, and use such foods to your advantage because studies have found that indulging in a cheat meal occasionally helps to boost metabolism and trick the body into burning more calories! But just make sure the cheat meal remains a cheat meal and does not expand into a cheat day or cheat week 😛

3. Eating Salads All Day: A plateful of salad is a healthy option, but it is not a balanced diet by itself. Munching on multiple bowls of salads all day may actually work to achieve short term, but it’s not sustainable and would create nutrient deficiencies in the body.

4. Doing Too Much Cardio and Overexercising: They say you can never outrun a bad diet, which means no matter how much you exercise, success cannot be achieved without straightening up the diet. Some people rely only on cardio and though cardio can help burn calories, it can just do as much. An ideal exercise routine should include strength training, HIIT, mobility exercises, and stretching as well. Also, it’s not necessary to workout every single day, rest and recovery days are just as important. Overexercising or punishing the body is not the right way to get lean. Mix cardio with other form of workouts, and do not overdo cardio. In fact, combine cardio with other workouts for faster results.

5. Overeating Healthy Foods: Every day, a new product, food or ingredient is hailed as a silver bullet that can melt away extra fat, and when the “healthy” tag is attached, we tend to lap it up and overindulge as well. Even the healthiest of foods have calories (oats, olive oil, avocado, even cucumber) and overeating them would actually lead to weight gain. So, do practice portion control and mindful eating with every food on your plate.

Summing up, maintaining a calorie deficit, eating healthy, nutrient-dense food is essential to burn fat. Proper nutrition will propel your weight loss journey in the right direction, Dieting is not about food deprivation or eating cucumbers and salads all day – eat the right food and lose weight on the Rati Beauty diet.

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