Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick Review

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How are you doing today? I am back again with another product today from our much-loved brand Urban Decay. We talked about new releases last week.  Since then, I was so keen to share them with you all and I guess you all were looking forward to see them on IMBB too? So friends, the wait is over and I am sharing a gorgeous shade with you all today! Let me tell you, this shade is pretty different in texture and formula than the others and I was surprised to notice subtle shimmer in this “Matte Afterdark” while other matte shades are non shimmery and completely matte in texture. I bet you will need it in your life whether you love or hate shimmers even if you are not a matte lipstick lover, yes, it’s a bet 😛 So, let’s read in more detail about Urban Decay’s Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick!

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

$22 for 0.09 oz, price excludes shipping and tax fee.

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick


Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

Product Description:
A super creamy, non-drying matte lipstick in an array of intensely-pigmented shades.

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

What it does:
Urban Decay’s creamy, non-drying Matte Revolution Lipstick is as rich and buttery as the original formula. With a range of never-before-seen shades—from neutrals to brights to deep-dark colors—lips get bold color with a matte finish and velvety feel.  Matte Revolution Lipstick is enriched by Urban Decay’s proprietary Pigment Infusion System, giving it an ultra-creamy texture, high pigmentation, and optimum color pay off. Shea butter and a nourishing blend of avocado, olive, and babassu oils deeply condition lips while illipe butter—sourced from Malaysian illipe trees—provide long-lasting hydration. Lastly, vitamin C and E deliver a dose of antioxidants to the lips.

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

My Experience with Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick:

Well, the packaging seems to be identical for all the shades in this matte range. It has a radiant black metallic bullet packaging with one stroke closure cap. I find this pretty user friendly and travel friendly though I am yet to learn perfection while working with the round edged tip and I find them a little tricky than the usual pointed lipsticks.

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

The shade “Afterdark” is described as a matte medium dark berry pink which lives up to its description and claims. It comes up as an intense berry pink on my lips with a hint of shimmer.  Surprisingly, I love the shimmery version of this matte lipstick as it does not look frosty on the lips. It might look frosty or shiny in the pictures (you can blame the camera), but in real, it looks way too subtle and a much more intense shade, believe me 🙂

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

I find it perfect for my pale skin and I am pretty sure it will complement Indian skin tones that are pale/light/medium irrespective of pink/neutral or yellow undertones. Initially, I was quite hesitant about this shade, but it did perfectly balance the thin line between looking gorgeous over being OTT as it always managed to impart that sheer gorgeousness on my face without making me look like an old wise lady 😛  I believe this is the best shimmery berry pink lipstick that I have tried.  Needless to say, it will be one hot shade throughout the winters; I am so excited to wear it in winters as well!

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

The texture is such that the lipstick slips on my normal/dry lips contrary to the shade “Menance, “ which was slightly dry. Yes gals, it has a slightly slippery tendency on the lips.  Even though it’s a matte shade, it effortlessly slips on my lips, imparting an intense berry shimmery satiny-matte finish without any tugging. I just love its finish on the lips, though it might be a bit disappointing for women who are seeking a matte finish because this shade gives a subtle satin finish.

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

I won’t call it a semi matte or creamy shade, it is more like a gel lipstick, I guess. Moreover, it is not as creamier as other creamy lipsticks and feels much lighter than the usual satin shades that I have tried. I love its lightweight gel consistency on the lips and it imparts full color payoff in 1-2 swipes without looking cakey and does not bleed out of the lips.

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

The gel formula is such that it won’t sit on top of our lip lines and dry patches it just smoothes on and imparts full color pay off with flawless finish. Even these shimmers are subtle and complement this shade very well; in fact, I feel shimmers took this berry color to beyond gorgeousness.  I am sure this texture and formula is quite forgiving on normal dry lips and the finish is perfect for everyone including pigmented lips.

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

I am also very impressed with the wear time which is pretty good, around 8-9 hours, and sometimes it has managed to stay for up to 9+ hours on my lips with light meal and snacks.  I never wear lip balm or lip liner beneath this shade while it never gave me chance to reach for them as well. It is not a hydrating lipstick, but it won’t accentuate or cause further dryness even after wearing it for 9+ hours. It never highlights the lip lines or dry patches.

Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick

Overall, you can say that I am head-over-heels in love with this lipstick, which has turned out to be my favorite shade out of all lipsticks from this range. I will get it again because I love these bright shades that impart an instant glow to pale skin without looking harsh on the face. I wholeheartedly recommend this long-staying satin matte lipstick to everyone; just try it, you will not regret this shimmery shade, I bet!!

Pink lips

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick:

  • An absolute gorgeous berry pink lipstick with shimmers.
  • Lightweight gel consistency texture and formula which slips effortlessly on my normal dry lips.
  • Imparts full color payoff in a single swipe, we may need a second swipe to get an even finish.
  • Even though it’s a matte lipstick, it imparts a rosy satin finish on the lips with no tugging.
  • Does not settle into the lip lines, does not bleed on the lips.
  • Does not look cakey with multiple swipes.
  • Would definitely complement every skin tone and age bracket irrespective warm or pale undertones.
  • I find it perfect for dry normal lips as well as pigmented lips.
  • Not hydrating in nature, but does not accentuate them even after 9+ hours of wear time.
  • Oh yes, it gives pretty awesome 8-9 hours of wear time.
  • Does not budge or fade with light meals.
  • Gorgeous metallic bullet, attractive packaging.

Cons of Urban Decay Matte Afterdark Matte Revolution Lipstick:

  • Pure matte lip lovers might find it a bit disappointing.

Well, I only guess that it might sound a bit turn off for pure matte lovers though I believe once you wear it, you are just going to love it! I just love love love this shade (which is a cult creation of masters behind the brand) while its texture, formula, finish and wear time is par excellence. My bow to the creators who know where to draw the line for such deep berry shades, which can otherwise make you look mature.  It is such a girly shade and a good investment for every woman. I can go ga-ga over it forever! I wish I could rate it 6/5, but it is undoubtedly and wholeheartedly 5/5!

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  1. Beautiful shade Neets, though I always prefer matte lipsticks but your lip swatches have sold the product to me 😀

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