Usage of Glycerin for Hydration of Skin and Hair

Ola beauties, At some point of time, each one of us feels that our skin needs proper hydration. But how to do, what to use? Confusion and more confusion. :struggle: So in my first article, I decided to write about my very basic element in skin hydration routine : Glycerin.

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We may know that glycerin is useful for skin care, hydration purpose but how many of us actually know how to use glycerin in our skin care routine. We see products ingredients and find glycerin all the time but ever thought how much is it useful. Here it goes.

In this article you will find how to use glycerin to provide hydration to your thirsty skin and hair. First of all, its main use is to provide hydration to dry to extremely dry skin and hair. Still I have listed out how other skin type people (Normal, Sensitive and Oily) can make use of it.

About Glycerin

Basically it is a humectant, means it attracts moisture from the surrounding to your skin. It is dissolvable in many and many are dissolvable in glycerin. It is colorless, odorless thick liquid with very sweet taste. As I mentioned earlier it attracts moisture to your skin; the reverse is also true. If you are living in extremely dry weather, pure glycerin can take out moisture from your skin if it does not find moist/ humidity in external environment. Hence whenever your want to use glycerin, just make sure your add few drops of filtered water/rose water so it can absorb water and saturates. Now it is ready to soften your skin. It can be directly applied to your skin, it does not sting, bite or eat your skin in fact give any sensation at all.

Price: I got this small bottle of 20ml at 15Rs.
Availability: Any pharmacist
Shelf life: 2 yrs

NOTE: Do not mix water in the bottle of pure glycerin I.P. Mix water just before you are going to use it. Shut the cap tightly after every use. Store at cool, dry place. EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

I have provided ways to use glycerin, you can add more. You will see that none of it takes more than 10 mins including preparation, application and washing out. It doesn’t even need any other ingredients as well. Simple to cook, simple to serve.

Dry to Extremely dry skin (Face)

Nothing can give you hydration in 10 mins like Glycerin does.

· Add 1 tsp of glycerin to 2 tsp of water. Apply it on your face, neck using cotton ball including lips and upper/lower eyelashes as well, take steam for 5-7 mins and you are done!! Simple as that. Wash your face with cold water and see the difference.
· Dry skin people are sometimes afraid to use face packs as it can dry skin more, so add few drops of glycerin+water/rose water to face pack and then apply. Keep for desirable time and wash out. It does not let face pack dry completely and provides super moisturizer.
· Add few drops in your moisturizer cream and apply.
· Add to your sunscreen.

Dry to Extremely dry skin (Body)

· Add to your body lotion
· Add 4-5 tsp glycerin to 4 cup water. After run take this water on your body. Do not rinse out. You will feel hydrated for whole day.
· Simply add few drops to water and take bath :methinks:

Normal skin/ Sensitive skin

This type of skin require very little hydration. So whenever you apply glycerin, keep it no more than 5 mins. Mix glycerin+water. Apply on your face and take steam for 3-5 mins.

Oily skin

· If you are facing problem of breakouts, acne clean your face with glycerin + rose water.
· Severe pimples?? Stay away from glycerin for your face. Glycerin is very good hydration agent, if it can hydrate your face, it can give moisture to your pimples as well.
· If you still want to use it, apply it carefully avoiding pimples and take steam or just keep for 15-20 mins then rinse well with cold water.

For hydration eyes and lips

· Use glycerin as lip balm every night. It’s excellent for dry lips.
· Every time when you apply glycerin on face and take steam, don’t forget to cover your lips too.
· Wet cotton pads with glycerin and water, keep on your eyes for 10 mins.

Glycerin + Honey : World’s best moisturizer ever

· Add glycerin to honey (Warm honey a bit so it can blend), apply to your face, neck, knees, elbows, any part that you want to hydrate- keep it for 20 mins. Rinse with cold water.
· Add G & H to your face packs, lotions, body milk etc before applying.

Hair care with glycerin

· Yes, mix it with water to wash your hair. :dance:
· Add 3 tsp glycerin + filtered water, apply to scalp, take steam for 5 mins (Very dry-take steam for 7-10 mins). Wash away after 20 mins. Useful for dry, itching scalp.
· If you cannot give steam to your hair properly, soak towel with hot water, squeeze it well and wear over your hair. Wash hair after 20 mins.
· Add glycerin to last mug of water when washing head, do not rinse out. Your hair will feel super healthy
· Split ends? Apply glycerin + water to tips of your hair and split ends will seal together for good amount of time. (NOTE:- glycerin or anything cannot permanently seal your split ends, you have to cut them). Regular use of glycerin will help to reduce split ends.
· Do you use water spray for hair-styling? Add few drops of glycerin in it. Shake it well before every use. Great styling with hydration. Two in one!!! :pigtail:
· MY FAVORITE USE: This is one of the best way to condition your hair. If you are not happy with your conditioner or feel like it does not properly condition your hair? Add 10 ml of glycerin (without water this time) directly in bottle of conditioner (50ml) and use that conditioner regularly. You will love the way your hair feels, like I do.

What you should not expect from glycerin:

· This is only for HYDRATION. It does serve any other purpose like skin whitening, lightning, tightening etc.
· Not for acne, pimple, scar, white/black heads remedy.
· Not for dandruff. (Dandruff caused by dryness may be treated but do not expect much).
· It’s not a pre-makeup moisturizer.

Do’s and Dont’s about usage of Glycerin

· Always use glycerin with water. Filtered water is best, rose water is also an good option.
· DO NOT OVERDO IT. Well I guess first time users may notice that if glycerin kept on skin for more amount of time, your skin will look such super-duper hydrated like you just spend 2 hours under-water 😀
· This excess moisture will evaporate after some time and you will feel your skin is hydrated exactly as much as it needs.
· It feels sticky so don’t use it with your lotion which is already sticky. Also carefully wash it away before stepping out as its stickiness attracts dust/pollution.

Hope you enjoyed reading it. Now I already wrote very long article so discover its other uses on your own. Like you can use it with lemon juice, egg, yogurt, milk and many other things. Just don’t forget adding few drops of water part. Enjoy to see how your skin drinks water.

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  1. brilliant post Rashmi.. very informative :star: :star: just what i need now :puchhi:
    one query though.. should we use on lips with pr without mixing it with water?

    1. You can use directly but problem is it may absorb moisture from your lips. So I have mentioned to please use it with water. Glycerin+Rose water would be great for lips dear. Or you can just use filtered water. Hope this helps… 🙂

  2. i wanna add a point
    just because my lips are very dry, i used to apply glycerin every night before sleeping, and let it be whole night, after few days i notices the skin below my lips got extra dark. i stopped using glycerin and skin came back to normal tone. so be careful and do not overdo with glycerin. :nababana: be time specific :high5:

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  7. Great article Rashmi… one of collegue (Marathi) told me that we can mix couple of drops of glycerin with 1 tbsp of cucumber juice and few drops of lemon juice and apply it on face and exposed body parts to effectively remove tan / sun burn. Have tried it and found it to be super effective.

  8. I have a bottle of glycerin and was thinking what to do with it to use it…. :methinks: :methinks:
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  11. very informative and helpful tips. *pompom* ive tried it.i used it for 5consecutive days,the effect was so good.
    but after a week,my gosh!what the heck happened to my face?it was so dry and sOoooooo wrinkled!i looked like 40yrs old where j am only 25..i dont know why…so now i stopped using glycerin dilluted with water,please tell me what happened?why?wht s wrong?

  12. i love ur tips….m using glycerin from last many more yrs…your article is absoultly wndrful for first tym i m using it frm long its wndrful using glycerin,,,thnku..keep updatng…thnku so much

  13. Hi Rashmi
    Nice post i was just looking remedy for my 5 year old daughter she is having itchy palm and feet no rash, no allergy nothing Drs saying it is due to dry skin and preacribed steroid creams. I got glycerin could u tell me how i can use that on her palm and feet. We live in north America and yes weather is dry and drought. I would try every cream but nothing is working please help

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    IMBB has changed my life.i have no words to thank , i came across this article on glycerin 2 years ago and i had extremely dry,flaky skin all over my body, i read the glycerin uses on this blog and bought glycerin and it worked like a miracle after 20 years of suffering came to end when i used glycerin which hydrated my skin and made it look young and fresh.Thanks IMBB for giving this gift of knowledge through this transformed my life like i have no words. i tried multiple meds but nothing ever worked permanently, i regularly use glycerin on my entire body just after reading your article.i wish i had pics of before and after to show you ladies that i am the living proof of its goodness.even all people were baffled to see the results and i am so happy ,i have now freedom to wear saree,skirts whih earlier scared me as my skiin was so bad.

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